Woman’s Baby Shower Was Hijacked By Best Friend’s Announcement

A 28-year-old woman took to the Reddit world to share her despair over having her baby shower hijacked. The woman had finally conceived after struggling for a abit. Her friend was, on the other hand, trying hard to get pregnant. She was left aghast when the friend revealed her pregnancy during her baby shower.


Celebrations are special to mark milestones and moments. Souls look ahead for them to seal the special moments in full pomp and show. They brace up to get in the spotlight and attention of their loved ones. However, the joy evaporates when someone else drops in to siphon off the attention and occasion. A 28-year-old woman too breathed in similar kind of despair and resentment during her baby shower.

The woman had tried hard to win the bliss of becoming a mother. Finally, she managed to conceive. But her friend (Chloe) was toiling hard to become pregnant in her marriage of three years. She was going through emotional trauma.

So the woman broke the news of her pregnancy in a subtle way to Chloe. She did not want to add to her agonies. However, Chloe welcomed the good news and embraced it happily. Months went by. And finally, baby shower dropped in. One of her friends went ahead to organize a virtual baby shower on Zoom. All her friends gathered online to wish her good health and celebrated the moment.

Everything was going well until Chloe turned up to allure everyone’s attention. Going emotional on seeing the mood building up, she broke in the news of pregnancy. That drove everybody crazy with happiness. Everyone turned to her to congratulate her and surrounded her with their queries.

The woman was happy for Chloe. However, she saw her baby shower losing its sheen and salience to Chloe’s revelation. She went ahead to express her disgust over her announcement. That pushed the relationship between the two pals to thaw.

Chloe hit back at her for her reaction. Trying to overcome the raging moments, the woman then turned to the Reddit world to share the incident and get a review of her reaction.

Shedding light on her story, she wrote, “She was one of the first people I told and told her I had no expectations of her being there for me, as I know it could be hard. She told me no, she wanted to support me and be in my corner. I told her if she needed to walk away at any point, I’d understand”.

Taking on her revelation, she shared, “She then announces that part of her gift to me is that my daughter will have a playmate. She then said that she was pregnant. After that, the entire shower became about her. People fussing over her, asking questions and being overall excited. I was too and congratulated her but felt like it was inappropriate”.

Taking on her reaction, she shared, “I was honest and said I felt her announcement was inappropriate and took the spotlight away from me. I said she could’ve easily told us separately. This upset Chloe and she accused me of not being happy for her (not true!) and being selfish”.

To her relief, the users found her reaction valid and on the mark with the situation.