Woman Was Clueless About The Tumor In Her Brain, It Was Detected When It Had Grown To An Unimaginable Size

Your body has a language of its own and it communicates with you whenever it needs attention. There are cases when we don’t realize the wrong that’s going on with our health and Lorna Pritchard, 45, had a similar case as she was born with a tumor and didn’t realize till she was 37 years old.


When it comes to health, nothing is predictable, you don’t know what one symptom is pointing towards. This is why it is crucial to get ourselves checked and make sure we are paying attention to what our body demands.

This woman’s story will leave you shocked and make you more mindful of your health!

Lorna Pritchard from Weymouth, Dorset had a tumor growing in her brain since she was in her mother’s womb and it was only detected when she was in her late thirties. This happened when she fainted and lost the strength to walk for a whole day.

It was scarier than it sounds and Lorna was devastated on hearing that the tumor had been spreading in her body since her birth. It first appeared when she was in her mother’s womb and emerged at the lining of her brain stem. It just kept growing from there.

After she was diagnosed, she had to undergo surgery to get the size of the tumor in control. Such surgeries do bring many complications with them and for Lorna, the complication came in the form of her losing the ability to walk, talk and eat. Her learning process for all these basic functions began from there.

Imagine learning to walk once again when you have three adult kids. It is difficult but not losing hope is the key!

Lorna expressed her fear, “I’m terrified because they can’t tell me how I will be. I may have to learn to walk and feed myself all over again.” Her tough days have not taken a break since 2011 and when we say tough, the extent is unimaginable.

Lorna has been hit by weakness and loss of stamina from all the medical procedures. She is in pain for the most part of the day and that’s what tumor comes with. It is shattering! Her eldest daughter Chantal takes care of her on a daily basis and that’s one good thing to hear.

The tunnel of hardships is quite long as Lorna still has to undergo surgeries which are obviously, nowhere close to easy. There are chances that she would fully recover after this surgery but despite that, she still would have to go through an operation every five to seven years for her whole life. It is definitely hard to get the tumor out of one’s body and in her case, it had already spread.

Lorna said, “I just hope I make it through my next surgery so I can see my kids grow old.” We just hope Lorna gets well and her wishes are granted!