Woman Wants To Skip Her Sister’s ‘Redo’ Wedding, Recalls All That Happened Years Ago

While many brides save themselves from drowning in the pool of stress, a few jump right into one and take their friends along. We call them bridezillas as they cause trouble for everyone around them and it’s tough to go through the wedding with the bride throwing tantrums. That’s what happened with this woman who shared her story of being a bridesmaid to a bridezilla and now, there’s another bad news!


One woman explained her experience of being a bridesmaid at her sister’s wedding six years ago. Well, it was no good. She expressed that her sister made her wedding a nightmare for all those around her. Now, this bridezilla wants to “redo” her wedding. But the Redditor is not prepared to deal with the mess all over again.

She doesn’t want history to repeat itself six years later. So, she turned to Reddit for help regarding the “redo wedding”.

The woman shared that she was the bridesmaid/kinda maid of honor with one of her friends. She revealed that it was a disaster. “I was younger then and didn’t really say much because the rest of my family would have told me to deal with it for her day, and be the grownup like I was supposed to be,” she wrote.

Things worsened during the first wedding preparation as the OP mentioned. She explained in her post, “I had told her before that my payments would be a little late with me being a struggling college student and all that, but instead of either changing her mind about me being her bridesmaid or offering to pay and I could pay her back, she spoke to me like a disobedient child in front of her friends and the ladies at the store.”

This woman tolerated way too much with the bridezilla. She wanted to share all of the details and the torture she endured six years ago. Turns out, she was not the only one who witnessed this annoying side of her sister.

A cousin and their brother had to put up with the unannounced outrage of the bride. Their brother’s girlfriend had to be taken to the hospital as she was in labor and that infuriated this bridezilla.

“I bore the brunt of her anger that day and afterward she got pissy with our brother’s girlfriend for taking the spotlight from her and now they don’t talk and she doesn’t know our nephew,” the OP revealed.

Now, the redo wedding is on the cards and this woman has no plans to attend this wedding. But her sister demanded an explanation for refusing the invitation. “I told her to reflect on how she treated me at her last wedding and left it there,” she wrote.

But it didn’t end there as their parents and “paternal grandma and paternal aunts and great aunts are all rallying to get me to say yes, and to apologize for saying no.”

Many people who read her post had the opinion that attending this “redo wedding” makes no sense now. “[Not the A–hole] — She was a Bridezilla the first time around and has had six years to plan how to be even more demanding the second time around,” one Reddit user wrote.

“You are a person with free will. If you feel you were treated badly and don’t want to be put in a position where it could happen again, well you have every right to do as you please and shouldn’t feel any guilt for that choice,” another commented.

The OP stepped into the conversation again. She added, “It’s more that most of my family believe weddings are sacred and the bride should get the perfect day she wants and everyone should do what she wants to give it to her.”

We wish that the bride drops that arrogant attitude after all this time. If not, we hope the OP finds a way to handle the situation and skip the torture.