Woman Tells Friend She’s Pregnant And Finds Out She’s Expecting Too

A TikTok user with the handle ‘@irishblondeabroad’ shared a heart-touching video. The woman caught up with her best friend in a café. She then used a creative way to break the news of her pregnancy to her. To her surprise, her friend also went ahead to share her pregnancy delight. The two soon-to-be mothers thus cherished their emotional moment together.


Happy surprises hang around to leave souls with some beautiful moments of their lives. But that delight doubles up when the surprise giver ends up receiving a thrilling surprise in return. These delightful moments go ahead to churn emotions and heart-warming experiences. The TikTok world lived one of those kind moments when a woman shared her double delight moment with her bestie in a video on the platform.

Heaven bells began to chime for the woman when she got the news of her pregnancy. She was over the moon and wanted to share her happiness with her best friend. To live that moment to the full, she planned to catch up with her friend in a café. The two women got together, and it was time for the soon-to-be mother to reveal her pregnancy to her friend.

Making way for that, she passed a gift box to her. The vibrant box had been all up with tissue paper. Her friend began to unwrap it with a sense of excitement. Finally, she came across a white tiny baby grow. After figuring that out, her excitement shot its pinnacle. She reached out for the woman’s hand and congratulated her on her pregnancy.


However, to the woman’s surprise, the delightful revelation was far from getting over. It was then time for her best friend to return her that surprise. She took the woman back by sharing that she was pregnant too. The woman breathed in the stunning moment to the full. The two friends then lived emotional and heart-touching moments together. Their eyes beamed up with happiness. Their smiles mirrored the out of the world happiness and delight.

Not just that, the woman did not keep those moments to them. But she went ahead to share them with the social media world. She posted the video capturing their pregnancy revelations using her TikTok handle‘@irishblondeabroad’. Reflecting their delight, she captioned it: “Surprising my best friend with my pregnancy only to find out she’s pregnant too!”

The video has won hearts around by receiving more than 2.2 million views, 385,000 likes and 1,700 comments. People could not wait to congratulate them and shower love and wishes on them. Some of them went ahead to live their moments to the full.

Taking on that, one user commented, “This is brilliant, what are the chances?” Another soul got ahead to say, “She was like ‘no wait’… you are such great friends.” That comment received a reply saying, “Biggest shock of my life.”

Pushing in congratulatory remarks, one user wrote, “Congratulations!! What fun to go through the experience at the same time.” Another user lived their double delight and said, “Omg this is so precious. I smiled so hard with you guys.”

Some users got touched with their expressions and loving bonding with each other. One of them came ahead to comment, “I was like why is that girl in the back videoing her too… took me a while to realise it was a mirror.”

Thus, the TikTok users did not get behind in any way. They made it an unforgettable moment of their life.