Woman Sparks Debate By Saying She No Longer Invites Broke Friend Anywhere

There are all kinds of friendships, some long term, some are just there to complete your favors while some ask for favors way too much. A very much like the last friendship, a woman got frustrated with hers. She says that she had been paying bills for her friend way too much that now she expects it every time.


A woman recently shared her experience with the good people on the internet. She says that she had stop inviting one of her friends to the night outs because she simply grew frustrated with her friend not paying her bills and having to expect others to pay for her instead. To give an insight to the situation, she said when her friend took some time off her work for her surgery, she was very happy to pay her night out bills for her friend. But this has been going on for far too long.

She wrote in an internet post asking people if she was in the right or the wrong of the situation saying, “This was supposed to be a relatively simple surgery with a return-to-work date scheduled for two weeks following the surgery. She ended up out of work for seven moths on leave, collecting disability.” She further wrote, “At the beginning, I was happy to pick up my friend that had fallen on hard times share of the cheque and had gladly offered to.”

AITA for no longer inviting my broke friend on nights out? from AmItheAsshole

Continuing, “I think at some point it had become assumed that I would pick it up every single time. The friend would do odd things when the check came like fake a phone call, go spend an awful long time in the bathroom. I would pick up the cheque every time and she even at some point stopped saying thank you or acknowledging the bill at all.” The woman is clearly frustrated as earlier they would socialize rather less, just for drinks or weekend dinners.

This woman found a solution to this and stopped inviting her friend at the night outs. She invited her friend at things that were free, and did not had to spend any money on it, like for cooking or playing music together. She also said that she keeps meeting her other friends for night outs and not inviting that one broke friend because no one wants to pay her bills even after eight months. Her broke friend, eventually found out about all this and is upset. This has left the friend clueless about what to do.

Her experience has led the people on the internet be divided over the whole situation. They all have different things to say about all this. One said, “You and your friends have enabled her sponging behavior by paying for all of her meals, and now you’re surprised that it has become expected”. Another person said, “If it was me, she would come back from that phone call with the bill waiting for her.” Some other people rather gave a helpful advice saying she must be going through something rather traumatic and depressed and simply asked to have a talk with her friend.