Woman Shocks Fiancé At Work In Wedding Dress Demanding Him To Marry Her

Commitment is something that adds meaning and depth to a relationship. While there are people who are in constant need of a commitment to be in a relationship, others take time and are reluctant to commit. And if such two opposites attract and come into a relationship, they can trap themselves in a disastrous situation. Something similar happened with this guy whose fiancé shocked him at work in a wedding dress and demands him to marry her then and there or she was done with him.


Recently, a Tiktok video went viral online in which a woman wearing a wedding dress is seen storming into a Las Vegas branch of Target to confront her fiancé.

Shoppers in Target got a little shocked and confused to see a bride roaming the aisle with a pastor and bridesmaid following her. The woman was searching for her fiancé who worked there.

Her fiancé who was stocking shelves was shocked to see the woman in a white wedding gown and bouquet in her hand. She demanded him to either marry her at that moment or she would break up with him.

The hilarious scene was captured on camera and shared by a user on TikTok. The woman told her fiancé, “You put this ring on my finger two years ago and it’s time to do it or get out. Yeah, we’re getting married right now or I’m leaving, I’m out. I’m done, like if you don’t marry me this second. I brought a pastor, I brought Emily, she’s my bridesmaid.”


In the meantime, a crowd gathered by in the shop to watch the dramatic scene unfold. The bride then turned to bystanders and waved and explained to them that she was just trying to get her guy to commit to her.

People in the crowd applauded her bold move and encouraged the guy to “do it.” The couple later decided to take their conversation outside and as they walked away, the guy can be heard saying, “Could someone have told me about it?” It is still unclear whether the couple did actually get married or not.

The video went viral in no time and garnered 16000 comments with many people commenting on how they were unimpressed by the woman’s actions.

One person wrote, “I don’t know if this is real, but if you have to force someone to do something then they are not the right person for you.”

Another replied that it was a red flag. She should not do it because it was very crazy and unrealistic. It was not at all romantic, funny or quirky but it was ridiculous of her.

Other viewers couldn’t get over the fact that the bride was wearing a fanny pack and the bridesmaid’s dress didn’t fit right – as the zipper was undone at the back. While for some it was the fact that the pastor was “going along with it” that proved too much.