Woman Shared ’72-Hour Dating Rule’ For Better Relationships

Humans and their emotions both are quite unpredictable. Sometimes their feelings become unfathomable for the other person and this could be one of the reasons that why it becomes difficult for people to have a healthy relationship. This woman Lottie Henderson shared a ’72hour dating rule’, where she told people about how she prioritizes issues in her relationship.


In a relationship, people often tend to fight on trivial issues, which gradually turn into a bone of contention. And without any denial, these bones of contentions eventually lead to arguments, insecurities, and trust issues. And hence such issues fail to provide a conducive environment for the relationship. Relationships are difficult to handle, it would be a blunder to assume any relationship to be easy. To make it a cakewalk people have to put in so much effort. But people like Lottie turn out to be of great help for men and women who have been dealing with relationship problems.

Lottie spoke about, how she has been stopping herself from falling for the never-ending trap of these issues. She said that, if a particular thing has stopped bothering a person after 72 hours, then this would indicate that, that thing never really bothered them in the first place.


She further said that if people didn’t feel the need to react to a certain issue, then they should follow their instinct and avoid reacting to that particular issue. She also mentioned that if their loved ones don’t reach out to them in times when they feel dejected then that means they never really cared about them and their emotions.

She video-recorded this message and uploaded it on one of her social media accounts. And she captioned the video as ‘lives by this rule. And to her surprise, the video appealed to a lot of people. People found her video and thoughts to be very relatable. It even went viral; it was watched more than 500,000 times. Hundreds of people commented on that video. One person commented on it saying, he loved it and his life would have been so sorted if he would have heard this rule in his early twenties. Another individual thanked her for sharing this rule. So many of them wrote that this has been the best advice they have received so far.

There were few people who shared their own relationship rules. Someone said that if something would not be of much consideration, then people should not even waste 5 minutes thinking over it. But the human tendency is such that a human being’s old habits die hard, so if a person deals with overthinking, he or she might not be able to adhere to this. But for those who can, it would be very beneficial.