Woman Says Being A Mother Doesn’t Make Her Like Kids

Giving birth could result in many drastic changes in a woman’s body including their likes, dislikes, choices, priorities, and many more. One unnamed parent said that she loves her child but that doesn’t mean it would make her a child loving saint.


Adding to her statement she mentioned that she is not up for play dates as she doesn’t just happened to love other children just because she is a mother now. Posting her feelings, the lady also pointed out hilariously, that she hated Heathen, the son of her friend Susan, who bored her by showing his pictures all day. She exclaimed that obviously she loved her daughter but not Heathen.

Her Reddit post has attracted number of viewers, out of which some also made efforts to reply. One person agreed to this very strange statement where she mentioned that after being pregnant her likeness over other children has reduced, as earlier she was always up for the activities which involved children.

Just because I’m a mom doesn’t mean I like kids. from breakingmom

Some other parents agreed to this, replying “Yeah. Other people’s kids are gross. I see them as walking boogers.”Amusingly, the frustration of this parent was clearly visible. The post seemed relatable to any parent out there. As one person replied by saying that every timethey planned a play date at home, they regretted and wish to never happen again. Moving further, a lady busted out about her feeling in the comment box. She mentioned that when she was pregnant with her child everyone was worried about how much she disliked children. To which she was offended and cited that she loves her own children as that was her own flesh.

But we all live in a judgmental society which judges our every step. Like one said in the comments, her husband wants another child but she was still struggling to not be a bad parent to her first child. On the contrary, not everyone on the platform agreed to the statement.

There was a person who was oddly satisfied with his friend’s kids. He was more than happy to post his feelings on Reddit. He ironically mentioned himself as a crazy person. Besides, he strongly opposed others and stood for his feelings about his friends’ toddlers as he called them as his own nieces/nephews.

Since the post received a lot of appreciation and replies, it was clear that not every parent in the universe is happy. Though, some non-parents who play with their friends’ or relatives’ children were amused. Hence, it was not wrong to state that becoming a mother does not turn a human into a child-loving machine.