Woman Said Yes To Boyfriend’s Proposal Even Though It Was Disappointing

A bride-to-be was left deflated after her fiancé proposed to her in the most inconvenient way possible but that didn't stop her from saying yes. Many people fantasize about the day they will get engaged, whether they are the one proposing or the one receiving.


Everyone has a concept of how they want things to proceed. But unfortunately, life does not always go as planned, as one woman discovered the hard way after her boyfriend’s proposal was, to put it mildly, unsatisfactory. The pair, who have been together for almost seven years and have a one-year-old son, recently got into a disagreement that resulted in the woman’s boyfriend tossing a ring box at her and screamed at her to open it.

“I didn’t because he was upset,” she stated on a social media platform, adding that the next day, he returned with the ring box, just as she was soothing their son and getting ready to enter the shower. He just ordered her to open that box, completely out of the blue. She opened it but the box was empty. Anyway, he said, “Yep, just an empty box,” and he flashed it open and closed a few times while she was trying to figure out what the point of this was while also trying to take a shower. The man said as he got down on one knee, “Enjoy your shower, you reckon it’s empty?”. He then got back up and busted out laughing.

Her son was still upset when she got out of the shower, so she sat down on the bed and began nursing him. Empty! exclaimed her boyfriend as he laid down with the ring box once more. And it’s opened. And then she got really pissed off and was irritated to highest levels. All she wanted to do was feed their son; on top of it, she was drenching as she just came out of the shower.

Later, she mentioned that as she came out of the shower, he thought it was a wonderful game and tossed the ring box at her, which bounced back and fell on the ground. After a few seconds the man picked it up and popped the question. The man got down on one knee and asked the woman if she would marry him as she lay there with her son still crying as he fed from her.

“There’s a ring in the box,” she said, “wow, wonderful stuff, magic man.” “I’m sorry, but the timing couldn’t be any damn worse.” Despite the fact that she was busy trying to soothe their infant and was really dissatisfied with the way her spouse asked her, the woman said yes after approximately 15 minutes. The woman resorted to social media to see if others believed she was right to be unhappy over the situation.

One social media platform member noted, “Wow, he really went out of his way to make sure there wouldn’t be any affection or closeness.” Another person added: “Is it certain that you want to marry this man? He doesn’t seem like a nice boyfriend, and if he isn’t a decent boyfriend, he isn’t going to be a good spouse either.” A third one perplexed by exclaiming what was wrong with the man!! He added that she was clearly not in a good position to make a proposal. He’s not even attempting to make it unique, and he only does it when it’s annoying. This is just plain perplexing.