Woman Refuses To Address Grandson By Real Name, Instead Gives Him A New One

Choosing your child’s name can be a tough task and there are chances it won’t be liked by your near and dear ones. Some closed ones might even react badly but it is completely your decision to make. However it is a completely different story when your own mother refuses to acknowledge your decision and authority. The unborn child’s grandmother has refused to call him by his real name and has given him another name instead.


An unnamed woman on Mumsnet has revealed that her mother doesn’t approve of the baby’s name chosen by her and her husband. The grandmother had decided to call the child by a completely different name instead. The baby is due to be born in July and is the first child to be born to the couple. The couple was expecting a girl and had decided on calling her Emily. They later found out it was a boy.

The couple, after a lot of brainstorming, had decided on calling the baby Harry James. The reason was simple. The husband’s great grandfather was called Harry and the wife’s great grandfather was called James. Only if choosing the name was so easy for the couple. The woman revealed that she had the most controlling mother who has refused to call the child Harry.

The grandmother has decided to call the child Beau instead. She’s afraid the child would be called Harry and turn out to be ginger. She also keeps reminding the mother that her child is not a royal. She also feels that Harry is a very common name and has refused to call him that after being confronted by the mother. The child’s mother has also revealed that the grandmother is controlling and abusive and can turn her life into a living hell. The mother wanted to know if she should stick with her decision.

Many people replied to her post. Most of the people told her to stick to her original decision. A lot of people suggested that she should completely ignore her mother on this issue and take her stand. People also suggested that she should distance her child from the grandmother but most of them agreed on the fact that it was her decision to name her child.

It is a no brainer that it is the parents’ decision to name the child and the relative’s responsibility to support them. The grandmother in no way has any authority to do what she is doing. The mother should certainly take her stand and distance herself from her toxic mother if she continues such behavior. It is the parents’ responsibility to name the child and the grandmother should be supportive of her daughter’s decision. The ‘to be parents’ should stick to their decision and name the child Harry James. Ultimately it is their child and not the grandmother’s.