Woman Refused To Leave Her Dog To Move Into Boyfriend’s Dream House

A 21-year-old woman disapproves of leaving her dog to move into an apartment her boyfriend wished for. The situation has put both of them in despair. Now, she asks on the Reddit's forum AITA if she's in the wrong.


The apartment in which they live comprises a tiny bedroom and isn’t spacious. As the lease for the present abode comes to an end, they were considering moving into a bigger apartment. The obstruction came when her dog’s prohibition came in the way. The new complex doesn’t allow pets, and on the other hand, her boyfriend had fallen in love with this apartment. It is evident because it provided all the amenities that he wanted. Now, her dog has become a hindrance.

The situation has left her flummoxed as three years of her relationship is getting affected due to this issue. Plus, she is also four months pregnant. There is a contrariety because she has had her dog for the last five years. Her boyfriend then advises her to ditch her dog or hand it over to her relatives to move into this new apartment complex. As a person having a pet for so long, it is nearly impossible to detach yourself in a moment from your beloved pooch.


Moreover, her boyfriend is now accusing her of being selfish for not doing a simple thing. For her, prioritizing something over her belonging isn’t so easy. Also, there are other apartments with two bedrooms and are as spacious, but lack several amenities. The despondent woman has hope there because they have no problem with pets. However, the guy doesn’t even bother to have a look at them. Finally, she decided not to give up on her dog in an attempt to move into a new place.

She asks on Reddit’s AITA if she’s the one obtaining miseries in her relationship. The responses were mostly in the woman’s favor, telling her to be correct with her ideology. People suggested her to either come up with an alternative or decline to move into this apartment. Some wondered that her boyfriend never had any pet in his life.

A person also stated that a pet isn’t an object but rather a form of life, which comes to you as a great responsibility. Leaving the dog like this shall not be considered anyways. It’s better to leave this guy instead of the pet. For another person, it was saddening to know that the dog didn’t mean anything to this guy, despite being in a relationship for three years.