Woman Receives Hurtful Comments For The Size Of Her Baby Bump And Asking Her If She Was ‘Expecting A Horse’

When stepping into a new phase of life, you will realize that people around you will have a lot to say about a lot of things. Opinions would be flying everywhere in the sky above you! This is exactly what happened with Elisha Bakes who was targeted for the size of her bump when she was expecting her second baby.


It is hard to describe the ecstasy that spreads like sunshine when a woman gets the amazing news of being pregnant!

The priorities change and, complete attention is given to the baby inside the mother’s womb. However, the pregnancy period is not the same for any woman, it varies and that’s the truth! However, some people still have to “comment” on what the other person should look like when expecting. That’s just bizarre!

Elisha Bakes, 30, from Australia was the target of many such hurtful comments when she was carrying her second baby. The negativity poured in and it was all directed towards the size of her baby bump. People were really harsh when describing the size of her bump, even going to the level of saying if she was expecting a “horse”.


When Elisha made her pregnancy announcement online, the top comments revolved around the number of weeks for which she had been pregnant as people were quick to judge that the bump size seemed as if she was further along than what she was “claiming”. Imagine receiving this kind of criticism during the time when all she needed was love!

Even though Elisha had been through the pregnancy phase once before when she was carrying her little son Kyson who is 21 months old now, the kind of negativity she coming her way this time was definitely new to her and painful in a lot of ways.

Enduring that amount of pessimism at a point when your mind and body are already adjusting to a lot of changes requires a lot of effort. Elisha knew what she had to do! She turned a blind eye to all such baseless comments and turned her face towards the bright side of this journey.

She kept posting pictures of her baby bump without hesitating for even a second but turned out people still had worse things to say. Towards the end of her first trimester, she was told that she needed to control her eating habits as her bump was growing “insanely”.

When she was 24 weeks pregnant, she was asked if she was due any day now and on knowing the truth, she had to encounter a weird look on their faces.

So, she took to another way of dealing with these mean opinions. She responded to the comments that described her bump as gross and explained the entire condition of why her baby bump is bigger than it is “expected to be”. The reason was her tendency of carrying a lot of fluid combined with her short physique of 5ft 3in.

Elisha was not the only one who has experienced this as many women have to go through tough opinions when their bump is either very small or very big than the pictures that are created in the minds of the people. So, Elisha wasn’t alone on this road and had the support of mothers who had traveled on this road before. It was like a ray of light for Elisha!

Elisha gave birth to a baby boy who weighed 8lbs and of course, there were still some rude comments that showed up that included, ‘Oh he only weighed 8lbs.’ This was the extent of this situation and it’s just upsetting.

We just want to appreciate Elisha for coming out stronger and not giving such words a place to stay! She is inspiring all the moms-to-be and making sure that they feel comfortable in their skin irrespective of people have to say.