Woman Mistakenly Informs Friends About Her Pregnancy Before Her Husband

Becoming a parent is one of the happiest feelings. In an incident, a couple had been trying for long to become parents. When the woman finally came to know about her pregnancy, her husband was not the first one she gave this news to. She accidentally told her best friends about the news before her husband. The husband was infuriated to not get the good news first.


The feeling of becoming parents is a magical feeling. The first few months after getting the news are really special. Not only the woman carrying the baby but to be father also has to go through many emotional roller coasters. When a couple has been trying for years and then they finally get the news of becoming parents, it becomes all the more special. In a similar incident, a couple had been trying to get a baby for 2 years after being married for 3 years.

The couple consulted the doctor several times who said that the woman’s eggs were of low quality. This led the woman to have a negative pregnancy test every time. They although tried their best each time. It had been long and the woman did not take a pregnancy test for 3 months. A fine day, she was hanging out with her friends at her best friend’s house. She felt tired and nauseated. Her best friend pulled her aside and suggested to take the pregnancy test after seeing her condition.

The woman took the pregnancy test. To her surprise it came out to be positive. To get confirmed she took another test that revealed she was three weeks pregnant. All her friends were curious to know about the test results and so she spilled the beans of her being pregnant. She did not call her husband as she wanted to surprise him and see the happiness on his face. When she got home and told her husband, they were the happiest beings on earth in the moment. They were dancing in joy for 10 minutes.

When the husband asked who else knows about the news, she told the truth of her friends knowing about it. The husband became very angry. He felt it strange that 12 not so important people got to know about the news before him. He said that she could have waited for a day before telling it to her friends. To this the woman clarified that she wanted to tell him first but the situations were such that she had to tell her girlfriends first. She did not think she did any mistake.

When the woman posted about this, the comment section had people of different views. Some people were of the view that the husband should understand and not be angry. Another person was of the thought that she could have apologized. Another person said that it was purely situational. Some people were also on the husband’s side. They were of the view that the husband might have felt betrayed and she should have called him first. Excitement leads us to take many unintentional decisions and so did happen in this case. If apology is what her husband wants to make things right then there is no harm in making things right this way.