Woman Left With PTSD After A Knock On The Door Exposed Boyfriend’s Double Life

An anonymous woman shared her heart-breaking tale of an eight-year relationship in which she was harshly cheated by her boyfriend. She used to live with her long-time boyfriend and one day discovered about his secret. She revealed his other girlfriend with whom he was indulged since they started their relationship.


She explained the whole story that started from the time when she was 25 and met her boyfriend through mutual friends. The moment she met him, they hit it off straight away. He filled their relationship with love and affection, making her feel completely different than her past boyfriends. However, things changed when she discovered that he slept with his ex-girlfriend six months prior. Although he told her everything himself, she was devastated.

Despite everything, she forgave him as she wanted the relationship to work. However, she never understood why he confessed it to her. The rest of the years from their eight-year relationship went quite smoothly and everything changed. One night, while the pair was having a sound sleep, they were woken up in the middle by a loud knock at the door of the home they were living in. Firstly, they refused to open the door and the person at the door stopped knocking and left.

However, once the knocking stopped, her boyfriend went out after the person claiming to know the person. In addition, he told her that he was going to sort it out but left without giving any details. When he returned the following day, he informed her that the person at the door was his ex. Further, he told her that she wanted him to buy her out of the property they shared together.

Despite of his explanation, she was not convinced. Though she did not have any idea about any of this, she knew that he was lying. Applying all her logic, she thought about why would his ex-turn up out of the blue after years of being with someone else. When she pushed him on the subject, he pretended to be tired and wanted to go to sleep. Nonetheless, he fessed up everything crystal clear in the evening.

While talking to news.com.au, she stated that she was fully sure4 of something fishy going on. She guessed it completely right about him having another affair. Moving on, she came to know that the person knocking their door was actually a woman who happened to be his girlfriend not his ex. Moreover, her boyfriend was dating another woman throughout the eight-year relationship. Not only this, they started dating each other seven years prior to her relationship.

She was completely heartbroken when her boyfriend told her everything and the entire eight-year relationship was a lie. Consequently, she left him and never went back. The following months were quite hard on her and she even met his other partner. This led to the three of them getting a ‘three-way divorce’. Though, they were not married, they shared huge share of time living together.

When she talked to her, she learned that their lives were eerily similar and they both experienced similar kind of treatment from him. All this made her sick in the stomach and she ended up with PSTD. Since her break-up, she has not entered into a serious relationship.