Woman Found Out Her Father Was Having An Affair With Her Best Friend

A woman named Diana shared her baffling moment when she got to know that her dad was cheating on her mother with her friend. The 23-year-old woman came up with a TikTok video on her account ‘@diana.j.t’ to bring that story out. To her delight, her mother has remarried and is living happily. Her video ruled the social media scene.


Relationships rest on a delicate foundation of trust and honor. A tremor can shatter them in a fraction of seconds. Thus, hell breaks loose when children get to know about one of their parents cheating on the other. They go through mental and emotional agonies to secure stability in their family life. Not just that, it can have a drastic impact on their life and opinions. A woman named Diana had endured double blows on that count. She struggled to come out of the clouds of agonies.

Diana and her family were making a living by running a restaurant. She was working full-time at the restaurant during her high school years when she met ‘Gretchin’. ‘Gretchin’ also worked at the family’s restaurant. Diana was having home-schooling. Therefore, she did not have enough room to make friends. She thus grew close to ‘Gretchin’ despite her being three years older than her. As time passed by, they ended up becoming best friends.

Their closeness made ‘Gretchin’ feel that she had a crush on her. But Diana put off that matter and rejected her proposal. On the other hand, her family was going through a rough phase. She got to know that her father was cheating on her mother. Her mother also realized that, but she did not know the other woman. Her father admitted his infidelity. However, it was not clear who the woman was.

By and by, Diana began to join the dots. Finally, she received the blot from the blues when she got to know that it was none other than her best friend ‘Gretchin’. That fact reached her mother. She could not control her nerves and vented it out on ‘Gretchin’ at the work. However, to their horror, the two infidel souls did not put a stop to that. They continued to see each other.

Exposing her shocking moments before the world, Diana came up with a TikTok video on her account ‘@diana.j.t’. Shedding light on her friendship story, she said, “I didn’t really have a lot of opportunities to make friends other than at work which explains why she was one of my best friends even though she was three years older than me.” Adding to that, she said, “So Gretchen and I were super close because we worked together all the time. At one point I think she had a crush on me and I rejected her so she decided to go for my dad instead.”

Taking on her realization of her father’s infidelity, she said, “I actually knew my dad was cheating on my mum before I knew that it was her. My mum found out my dad was cheating and she made him tell us that he did something and he did something bad.”

Not just that, she also threw light on her mother’s reaction by saying, “Bless my mum’s f***ing heart, she came into work and yelled at this girl in front of the entire restaurant. But despite her best efforts, cheaters are going to cheat and they kept having the affair and kept seeing each other.” Standing by her mother, she shared her mother’s beautiful picture.

To her delight, her mother has remarried and is basking in the warmth of bliss.