Woman Epically Reminded MIL She Didn’t Want To ‘Mother’ Her Husband

In a perfect world, mother-in-law (MIL) would be sympathetic to married couples and wouldn’t poke her nose into their personal life. But that’s generally not the way it goes. People on Reddit were in their feelings about one woman who was fed up with her MIL for wanting her to act like a mother to her husband.


The story was posted by an anonymous woman who was wedded to someone who seemed like a great guy. Married for a decade, the couple had a daughter. The woman in the post explained that she and her husband were both self-dependent people and took charge of themselves. For example, if any one of them forgot something or made a mistake, they didn’t criticize the other person for not reminding them.

The woman confessed that she previously have experienced being in a relationship where she felt more like her boyfriend’s mother rather than his equal. She used to perform roles like reminding those boyfriends to keep up with their studies, waking them up in the morning for work, making sure their vehicle was maintained properly, and helping with household works.

She was happy that she and her husband were in complete agreement when it came to this type of stuff. She believed that when you already have gone through that kind of relationship in your past, it was nice to have a man you don’t have to babysit. Her husband took responsibility for his own share of household chores and his own social calendar.

Her husband also loved the fact that she didn’t feel the need to trouble him about his responsibilities. She trusted and didn’t nag him continuously. In other words, they were both adults and liked it that way. The woman said she felt a lot less loaded because she didn’t have the expectation to carry on that extra mental load.

People might think that their relationship was not as much fun as it should be but it worked for them and had made their relationship a lot healthier and happier.

This dynamic turned troublesome when they paid a visit to the husband’s mother. The woman said that her MIL was the dominating type and expected the woman to take on the same role. She always asked her to do things like, remind him that he has to pick up gifts for a friend’s birthday, made sure he wore his warm gloves and hat when he was going outside to do yard chores, remind him to add air to the car tires, made sure that he had all the things before he leaves after visiting.

Of course, the woman was not up for it. She mentioned to her MIL that her husband was old enough to take care of himself. But her MIL didn’t take this so well. Apparently, she made some passive-aggressive statements about how a relationship should be a partnership and called the wife ‘selfish’.

The woman felt that her MIL might be thinking that she was not a perfect match for her son. Things were getting pretty serious between the two ladies and the MIL doubled her wishes for how her son should be treated.

The woman began saying that she did not want to be his mommy and even pretty boldly said that having to act like someone’s mommy completely turned her off them. The MIL got really disappointed and told the woman that it didn’t seem like she was not ready for an adult partnership and was married too soon.

There were many comments on this matter on Reddit. She got mixed reactions. Some supported her whereas some didn’t. But in conclusion, most of them feel like her MIL was overstepping her boundaries and needed to give the couple some space.