Woman Designs Dresses For Girls With Type 1 Diabetes, The Dresses Are Customized To Hide Insulin Pumps

It is not easy to live with a health condition that demands great attention and care at all times of the day. People with type 1 diabetes know the struggle as they have to wear an insulin pump to control the blood sugar level but hiding that pump is a task. Julie Christian has taken up this job of customizing dresses for girls that have special pockets for the pump.


Julie Christian worked as a police officer before she stepped into the field of sewing but not the regular one. She had an amazing thought behind it which was inclined towards helping kids with type 1 diabetes.

When a person is having type 1 diabetes, the working of pancreas weakens which means the production of insulin stops. This means that the carbohydrates that are consumed do not breakdown in the body leading to the increased sugar level in the blood which is a big health risk. This is incurable and so, the patients have to keep their sugar levels in check. This is either done by injections or the insulin pumps.

People rely on insulin pumps more than the injections and it has everything to do with comfort and convenience.

However, the pumps have an odd size which makes it difficult to put them out of sight. So, there were quite a few methods followed to help people with this issue including thigh bands that held the pump, using bras to hide them and even making pockets in the camisoles and underwear to keep the pump.

Christian wanted to contribute her bit in this and so, she became a seamstress and started designing beautiful dresses for girls with type 1 diabetes which they can wear when they are heading out to attend a function or a party without worrying about the placing of the pump.

While customizing the dress, Christian stitches a pocket inside which is hidden and perfectly fits in the pump used by the kid. She is taking her creativity in the right direction and how incredible is that!

The dresses that Christian designs are stunning and have everything a girl would desire. She understands the importance of insulin pumps in the kids’ lives when they have type 1 diabetes which is why she came up with this technique of helping them.

It is definitely a great option for people who want their kids to be comfortable and not feel awkward carrying the pump with them. The world needs more people who are willing to put their creativity on the path of helping others.