Woman Decides A Surprising Name For Baby But Family Says It’s Ridiculous

This mother who was expecting a child anytime soon got mad after she chose a name for her baby which had a hidden ‘surprise’ once you know it- but her family members didn’t even consider it and directly called it ‘ridiculous’.


She was pregnant with her husband’s first child, and the couple later found out that they were going to have a baby girl. When the pair started to talk about what they should name their baby, she said that her spouse was very irresolute and asked her to decide it herself. He said to her that she could pick whatever name she wanted as long as it was not something absurd.

After she selected the name, her husband had a video call with his sister to disclose the name finalized by his wife. He told her sister that they were planning to name their daughter Sunny. The mother said that the first name was quite ordinary so she won’t poke fun at it, but the trouble kicked off when she told that it combined with her middle name, which she decided to be Disposition.

She said that her sister-in-law started laughing at the name and believed that it was ridiculous. At that point, the wife united with her husband and explained that they wouldn’t call her daughter by her full name all the time and the people would address her as Sunny. They wanted to have an Easter-egg type name, where if you know the full thing it’s like a surprise.

The awaiting mother, formerly from China and now living in Canada, added that before confronting her sister-in-law, she asked her husband if he liked the name or not. He thought the name was great.

Her sister-in-law felt sorry for making fun of the name. She assumed that it must be a cultural difference and that in china names have meanings like that, but in English, names like that are a bit unusual.

The woman fiercely blamed her sister in law of being racist and hung up the call before the disagreement could deteriorate. Her husband was trying to resolve the issue between the two of them. He asked both the women to sort this matter out and apologize to each other but his wife was not ready to do so as she didn’t think she had done anything wrong.

She put up the whole situation on social media to ask if she overreacted. There were some people who opposed her views and said it was a legitimate cultural difference. Some people didn’t think that her sister-in-law was wrong to point out as it was not a normal thing to do in English-speaking cultures. While some people supported her by saying that she should not listen to others and keep her child’s name as per her choice.