Wife Took Revenge From Husband Who Was Getting Engaged To Another Woman

Every girl dreams of a “happily ever after” with the guy she loves. But unfortunately, not every couple is lucky enough to live their dream of a happy ending. Something similar happened to a woman when she found out her husband has found love in someone other than her. But rather than cribbing about her broken heart, she decided to take revenge from him.


From the moment Mel and her husband met, they shared a harmonious and perfect relationship. But the day Mel’s husband got promoted at work is when their relationship started taking major twists and turns.

When he got promoted, he started traveling regularly, sometimes for weeks at a time, which had started taking a toll on their relationship. The couple didn’t even realize that they started to grow apart over the next year.

Even though Mel’s husband made efforts to bridge the emotional and physical distance between them but all of it put no use because his wife Mel resented being alone for such long periods. She had started feeling abandoned and hurt.

Her husband started spending a major part of his day on his computer, saying he had a lot of work. But Mel knew he was trying to avoid talking to her.

Mel suggested talking to a counselor but her husband disagreed as according to him it was the last thing on his mind after spending so long away from home.

One night when she’d been watching TV in the other room, he’d fallen asleep with his laptop on his lap in his bed. That was the moment when everything changed.

When she went to shut down the laptop, she saw a message on screen which shook her down and changed her life upside down. It read: “Miss you, hurry home. Xxx”

Even though her life was torn apart from that moment onwards, she remained calm and composed. She carefully lifted the computer and took it to the next room where she dug into the whole matter. When she scanned the computer, she found out months of messages from a woman with whom he not only had an affair but also was getting engaged.

After discovering the truth, she decided not to confront her husband but wanted an act of revenge. She said, “When I smiled and kissed him goodbye a week later, as he went off for another long stint overseas, I knew what I was going to do.”

She further added, “The day he left, I contacted a real estate agent and told her that I wanted to sell my home fast- for well under market value to ensure an immediate sale.”

The house in which they lived was beautiful and had an infinity pool and a massive deck that overlooked the city. She didn’t face any difficulty while selling the house as everything was in her name. It was a decision her husband considered best when they moved in for alleged “tax benefits.”

Even after selling the house, she didn’t break the connection with her husband and continued to email him as normal. She opened a separate bank account for herself to put half of the money she received from the sale of the house. The other half landed in the joint account around six weeks later. Coincidentally, it was a day before her husband arrived from his trip.
She said, “I wasn’t there to see what happened when he arrived home to find strangers living in his house- I was on a cruise with my girlfriends.”

“But I imagine he was pretty surprised that his beloved home now belonged to Josh and Tamara- and they had paperwork to prove it.” She further added.

Her husband has moved to Canada to be with his girlfriend full-time. He hasn’t contacted Mel to ask about divorce but she is all prepared to officially end their marriage.