Wife Shares Her Husband’s Unexpected Reaction When She Started Cooking Healthy Meals

One of the many things that didn’t go as plan this year is our health and fitness. All went to waste when we had to stay inside our homes for months without any hint of motivation to wake up and do some squats. Well, there are always exceptions! Coming back to the ones who were disappointed about their weight gain, this woman shared her story on Reddit about how her husband reacted to her new plan to shed weight.


At one point or another, we all have a realization to be in shape and focus on our health. Gaining or losing a few pounds doesn’t define us but being healthy is what we should be chasing.

One wife shared all about her experience of gaining weight during these months of staying in and binge-eating. She explained that she wasn’t the only one concerned about this change, her husband sailed in the same boat and he wanted to reduce too.

“My husband made a point to say we’d both put on some weight and could do with a change,” she wrote.

So, this woman took up the challenge and started making amends in their regular meals. “Since I’m the one who does most of the cooking and grocery shopping, I started making some healthy swaps in our meals,” she added.

“It’s the stuff you’d expect — instead of just rice to go with a stir fry, I’d do half rice/half cauliflower rice. Instead of just potatoes for mashed potatoes, I’d swap half for caulfilower, and then tinker with the dairy involved as well. Greek yogurt for anything it can be swapped for, etc etc.”

This seemed to be working for her and she saw that her husband liked the food and it proved to be a healthy choice for both of them. She now saw a decreased value on the weighing scale!

“The other day, he came in while I was making fried rice to go with a stir fry, and he saw me grating the cauliflower,” she mentioned in the post.

“He asked what it was for, and I told him I used it to swap out some of the rice. HE ACTED LIKE I WAS POISONING HIM! He got SO UPSET when I talked more about the things I swap out. He acted like it was this epic betrayal of unparalleled proportions.”

She wasn’t expecting to hear this when all she was trying to do was help him lose a few pounds that he had initially talked about. So, she told him that if he doesn’t like this swapping, she would ‘set aside a portion for him’ before making the swaps on her platter.

She wrote, “This wasn’t enough for him, because ‘What if there’s leftovers?’ and ‘You shouldn’t be doing this to begin with!’”

This made her lose her temper and she let it all out. “In the end, I told him that I’m going to just continue doing what I’m doing, and if he has such a problem with it, he can start making his own meals, and said, bluntly ‘You’re acting like a [expletive] child’.”

After this heated argument between them, her husband just roamed around the house whining and she is infuriated by his behavior.

Redditors entered the comments with their views. So … he’s the one who initially pushed for you both to lose weight/get healthier, he liked the substitute ingredients just fine when he didn’t know they were there, yet he’s upset now that he knows there’s hidden vegetables. You’re right, he’s acting exactly like a small child,” one said.

“The fact that he didn’t even know you were substituting foods shows how much he contributes to your meal prep,” another commented.

People supported her way of dealing with this and left some furious messages for her husband (in case he reads).