Wife Finds Out Husband Hid A Camera To Check If She’s Cheating

A relationship without trust is like a building without foundational support which means it can fall apart anytime. A man spied on his wife using the hidden camera as he didn’t trust her even after being in a relationship for years.


Contrastingly, his wife was naïve to trust her partner beyond limits until the time she found out that her beloved had installed a hidden camera inside their home. She felt stabbed in the back when she discovered a camera resembling a smoke alarm and realized that the relationship wasn’t working on mutual trust.

The woman shared the entire story on Reddit with the hope to understand what others thought about her husband’s disgusting move. She explained via her post that her husband was doubting her and kept thinking that she was cheating on him but they cleared out the misunderstanding and she concluded that the issue was solved as she spoke bluntly that cheating was something she wouldn’t even think in her dreams.

She further told that one certain day she received an Amazon package but didn’t open it as the couple shared an account and there was no scheduled delivery on that particular day.

Later, she noticed a smoke alarm above the toilet and asked her husband about the same, he replied hesitantly as if everything was casual. Though weird, she let the whole thing go but to her realization, after doing a quick research she discovered the fact that it was a hidden camera.

She revealed that when she confronted her husband he responded and said that it was the only way to test her loyalty and though he knew it’s a disgusting way he was blinded by love and concern. He promised never sought to such things again.

Even though she also found out that the camera had only a few recordings but this does not make up for the wrong deeds of her husband. She felt humiliated and thought that this act wasn’t out of love or concern, rather it was sheer possessiveness and nonsense. She felt that only traveling back in time could better the situation.

My husband put a secret camera in my bathroom because he thinks I’m cheating and I am not from relationship_advice

She took to Reddit as she felt that holding a grudge would break her family but forgiving him was too difficult for her.

The post received a huge response. A person doubted that he the one cheating on her.

Someone commented, “Jealousy is not love. He’s jealous, insecure, accusatory sneaky, doesn’t trust you, and disrespects you. I feel like you’re constantly going to have to prove your fidelity since he’s already decided you’re guilty. I’ve been there and it’s a terrible way to live. I’ll never allow anyone to do that to me again. Wish you luck. He needs therapy.”

Another said that she totally resonated with the situation as something similar happened to her and her partner used to follow her everywhere and used to blame her for being disloyal. He used to spy on her all the time.

The woman found herself in a dilemma of choosing to trust her suspicious husband or moving on from him and leading a life on her own.