Wife Feels Cheated As Husband Gets His Mother In the Delivery Room Instead Of Hers

Giving birth to a child is an enriching moment for a woman. However, not every woman gets to experience this heartening feeling. In a disgraceful incident, a woman felt betrayed after her husband got his mother into the delivery room instead of hers. The woman even wrote a post to narrate this event.


A woman took over a social media platform, reddit to explain an outrageous occurrence that happened a few weeks ago. She explained in the post that she had asked her husband to pick her mother up and get her into the delivery room. She had a sudden change of mind and wanted her mother to be standing beside her for some extra support and encouragement during the delivery. It was very natural for the woman to ask for her mother during such a crucial instant. But her husband brought his mother into the delivery room. She expressed how annoyed and angry she got as soon as her husband arrived.

However, the woman’s husband diligently told that his wife’s mother was in a lecture. He said that he had called her up. But he feared that if he would have waited for his wife’s mother to end the lecture, he would definitely have been late. The woman recalled that she had started crying and screaming in pain after all this. She was out of control at that moment. She even claimed that she had lost it to such an extent that the nurse had to send her husband out of the room. She delivered the kid without any family member. But she felt guilty for her husband could not see their son’s birth.

AITA for having my husband out of the delivery room when he brought his mother instead of mine? from AmItheAsshole

The woman’s mother arrived later on. And the woman was comforted by her mother. But the woman’s mother committed that she had never received any call from her daughter’s husband. She told that she had only received a text message. The woman wrote in her post that she was heated by her husband’s mistake. She felt that he did not bother to make an effort to get her mother when she needed her desperately. But she also said that both of them had betrayed each other’s feelings in some way.

The lady asked the reddit users to tell her whether she was incorrect or her husband. Many users responded to this post. Few users commented that the woman was in labor and was going through immense discomfort and pain. She deserved to have her mother by her side. They felt that her husband should have brought her mother somehow.

A user also responded by saying that the woman should not have felt guilty. This user said that practically, the nurse had sent her husband out of the room. Therefore, she was responsible for not letting her husband to see the delivery. In contrast, a reddit user expressed himself by saying that her husband would have texted her mother because her mother’s phone would have been on silent during the lecture. The user questioned by asking that who attends a call while conducting a lecture. Some other users also felt that the woman overreacted.