Wedding Guest’s White Dress Tagged Tacky After Being Mistaken For The Bride

A person took to Reddit's Wedding Shaming forum to denigrate a woman for turning up at a wedding wearing a white dress. The soul shared her pictures with the users. And as expected, they took her as the bride. Then, the person went ahead to clear the air that she was not the bride. The lacy, floor-length gown fanned criticism.


Weddings are special in all respect. Each element and ritual holds a salience in building up the golden day for the love birds. Similarly, the white bridal dress distinguishes the bride from her other counterparts present around. It helps the guests to spot the newly-wed souls with ease. However, a woman broke the norm by stepping into a wedding wearing a white gown resembling a bridal dress.

The Reddit’ Wedding Shaming forum saw the heat waves brewing with pictures of a woman in a white dress crashing on the platform. The woman was bubbling in a floor-length, lacy white gown with a train featuring on it. The color and design of the dress matched that of a bridal dress on most of the parameters. Thus, social media users ended up taking her as the bride.

They cherished her stunning dress up and wedding hues. However, they saw their thoughts in shamble after a person turned on the platform to clear the air for them. They came to know that the woman was not the bride but a guest at the wedding.

The revelation made them go into hysteresis. They turned back with high spirits to lash out at the woman for ruining the day for the bride. They accused her of having siphoning the bride’s privilege and attention. They went ahead to keep her at the centre of criticism for her move.

Taking on the woman, the person said, “This girl looks absolutely gorgeous, stunning and every other word for perfect. But she is NOT the bride. You had one job…”.


Catching the post, one of the users commented, “Unreal, like does she not have a friend to perhaps suggest that, lovely though the gown might be, this is NOT the function to wear it to?”

A person dragged the man also amid the fire and said that he must have noticed what the woman was wearing and could have suggested she needed to rethink her aesthetic. Readers went on to call the couple ‘self-involved’ and ‘selfish’.

Another soul joined the chorus by commenting, “It is considered extremely tacky to wear a white, gown like dress to a wedding. That honor should be reserved for the bride. Basically, it is the equivalent of yelling ‘Look at me!’ on one of the most important days of someone else’s life”.

Other critics denigrated her and said that they would have made her leave the occasion if she had turned up to their wedding in a white gown. Taking on that, one of them said, “If someone showed up in this to my wedding they’d be kicked out immediately”.

Catching the lines, another soul commented, “Wear this to my wedding and I will personally toss you out”.

However, there were many souls, who lowered down the heat of criticism. They did not find it that awful. According to them, she was wearing ivory, not a white dress. Thus, for them, people should not have reacted harshly against it.

Hopefully, the woman would have learnt the lesson and would keep the white thought at the back for wedding parties.