Traveling To Rome? “Instagram Boyfriend” Has Made It Easy To Get Those Perfect Candid Shots In All Beautiful Locations

Thinking of ways to make every moment of your travel a perfect memory? We know it’s hard to stop and click a picture on every street you visit at the new place. This is why Instagram Boyfriend exists! Yes, that’s a thing as you can hire a photographer to be with you on the trip who will make sure you have every moment captured. Isn’t that amazing!


With the changing times, there are new aspects added to the definition of traveling. Yes, it still includes exploring and experiencing the vast cultures, but capturing those experiences has gained way more importance since the past few years. Its extent can be seen here as an Instagram Boyfriend trend is making the rounds for travelers who want every small moment saved in the camera roll.

The beautiful city of Rome is the favorite travel destination for people all around the world. The breathtaking views and spectacular art in the city attract everyone!

A travel company gave a thought to how tourists want a picture at every corner, every street and it is not really feasible for them. One cannot do both the things – enjoy the present and make memories for the future. It is a tough choice! So, this company made Instagram Husband/Boyfriend a thing in Rome.

Let us see what you get in this deal for a little more than $1,200.

You get a personal photographer which we call Instagram boyfriend who will complete your travel and at the end of your trip, you will have some wonderful candid shots packed too.

Apart from this, you also get a one day Rome tour which includes experiencing the Rome culture by knowing its history reflected by the Colosseum, the incredible art of the city and witnessing the beauty that exists in its Baroque fountains.

Not packed your camera with you? Don’t panic there’s an Instagram Boyfriend to your rescue (only if you are ready to spend that money, of course)!

Rome is not the only place offering these impressive services. The spark is turning into a fire and more places around the world are following this.

The name can be different but the essence remains the same. You can hire a photographer on your vacation to relieve you of all the stress that builds up regarding the pictures.

One such company is Flytographer which aims at giving the people who are traveling to favorite destinations, a platform to easily find a professional photographer. This is actually beneficial for both the sides and the concept is great!

Talking about some numbers, you have to fix a budget for this when you start planning your vacation. The photographer will charge you based on the duration of the shoot, varying from $250 to $650.

Get serious about those savings now! You will have a much-relaxed vacation if you do so.