Tired Mother Goes On A Cleaning Strike Leaving House In Chaos

This is about a mother who was sick and tired of the mess that was created in her house. She did everything to keep the house in place. She wanted her family to realize how much she does to keep the house neat and tidy. She decided to go on a cleaning strike to see how the family functions.


Why is every woman in the house burdened with all the household work? Shouldn’t the work be divided among all the members? This is what a mother wanted to find out! Being the only person doing all the household chores every day, she was sick and tired of doing it all by herself. She wasn’t helped by anyone. One day she went on a cleaning strike just to check how the house would work without her. She went onto social media and shared her experience.

The woman was named Miss Potkin, as mentioned on the social networking website. She stopped working one day. She prepared the dinner but didn’t clean the dishes. She was exhausted doing the dishes each and every day so she abandoned the idea of cleaning them. She was shocked to see that the dishes kept on piling on one and another. No one realized that there wasn’t any cleaning happening. The pile went on and on for two-three days straight.

The mother was keen to see how it would work in future as at some point or the other they would surely run out of spoons and cups and plates! She made a firm decision and there was no looking back unless her work was valued and she was helped by her family. It was on the third day of the strike that she saw her family using the last big bowls and spoons. Even now no one was thinking of cleaning the dishes by themselves.

However, there was a little progress. She claimed sarcastically, “the dustbin which wasn’t touched for 965 days” was seen to be emptied by someone. Yet the happiness was short lived. Later that day, her husband was seen making a cup of tea using the baby’s weaning spoon and the last cup which was kept for emergency. After all, he wasn’t left with any other option but to use the emergency dishes or he had to go for cleaning the dishes. But the later didn’t happen this soon!

Turning the attention towards the laundry, she shared pictures of the rooms filing with the pile of clothes. She used to do the laundry all alone and now that she wasn’t, there were piles of clothes lying at every corner. Adding a bit humor, she said that people who have lived in university halls of residence or have shared rooms will surely be able to visualize the scene at her house!

Having said that, she even mentioned that the bathroom tissue roll was over and had to be replaced with a new one. Otherwise it would be a trouble for someone! The mother completely lost all her hopes by that point and everything happened just as she expected as no one was getting up to clean the house. On the spur of the moment, finally she saw someone loading the dishwasher! The strike was successful.