This Man Got His Son Out Of The House To Get A Chance To Beat The Hell Out Of The Mother

Domestic violence has been talked about from quite some time now but maybe we still need to make it clear that it is not okay to raise your hand on your family member in any case, neither a man nor a woman. This woman faced what we are talking about and her story is heartbreaking.


Anything and everything can be solved verbally, if there is any need to raise a hand, you should know that the relationship is toxic enough and you need to get out of there. Kelly, a gorgeous woman who is a mother to a son, Reggie was a victim of domestic violence and it seems like a case never heard of.

Channel 5 documentary, The Abused, featured this woman and asked her about her story and it is nothing less than heartbreaking. However, the worst part is that she didn’t try to fix things for herself and the night of the incident she told the police officer that everything was fine. She was bruised, she was tearful, she was shaking and she was everything one shouldn’t be and still in that state she said that everything was fine.

The husband, Kieron Watkins was nowhere to be seen and the police was left with no option but to leave. Police ended up there because the worried neighbor had called 999 to get the woman out of the messy situation.

At the age of 19, when she was head over heels for this man, she never thought he would turn out to be this animal who will be willing to kill her. After a while, he started controlling everything that goes on in her life, from her clothes to people she met. He constantly accused her of cheating on him and he ended up destroying the confidence she had. The verbal abuse changed to physical abuse and in no time getting kicked and punched was a part of her normal routine. By then she had been threatened with a knife.

One night, Watkins asked his brother to pick up their son, while he could beat Kelly as much as he wanted to. He smashed her head and even shoved it into the sofa and suffocated her. She is petrified of him and police arrest him in 3 days. He is banned from contacting Kelly anyway and he ends up making fake profiles to text her and say nasty things which added emotional stress.

Kelly has finally snapped out of that phase and is out of the mess. She was looking forward to her bright future with her son. However, even then Watkins didn’t stop. He stalked her, followed her, threatened her and she ended up reporting to 999. Due to all the charges, Watkins was jailed for 7 weeks and his driving license has been disqualified. After three weeks, Watkins was released from the jail on the basis of good behavior and now he has again been found guilty of control and two assaults. He is now jailed for 18 months and a lifetime ban from contacting Kelly or her son.

Kelly is now helping other women who face the same and want them to realize that abuse can be verbal, physical, mental, anything. The terms are different but the torture is the same. The struggle they go through is the same.

Beware of anyone who tries to control anything in your life. Giving away control of your life can never be good for you and it is going to make things worse.