This Girl Was Horrified To Go In For A Smear Test, Shares Her Experience Which Was Extremely Different From Her Expectations

If there is one thing that we all share in common, then it is the fear of visiting our doctors for a checkup. We are never prepared for them and we don’t think that’s going to change in the future. If regular tests scare us this much, then imagine the stress that a smear test brings. But this story will relieve you to a certain extent!


Your body demands regular attention and care which also includes getting yourself checked at the right time. There are quite a few medical procedures that can detect cancer and smear test is in that list of procedures. It gives any hints of cervical cancer in a woman’s body and is important for every female to get this done.

As you might have guessed, this test involves the nurse putting all her focus on you with some “strange” instruments to be used. However, it is not as frightening as it sounds! This woman who went for her first smear test shares her experience.

When she received the letter which stated the date of her cervical screening appointment, a feeling of stress and panic rushed through her body. This lead to her delaying the test but she could not avoid it in any case. So, she went in after four months and it was time to face her “fears”!

When she set her foot in the room where the test would take place, she was received very warmly by the nurse who did not rush into the main part but made her really comfortable and explained the process in a very benign way.

After giving the details of the execution of the test, the nurse even gave the equipment analysis to her. This involved describing every tool that would be used during the procedure. All these small actions by the nurse paved the way for a “pleasant” experience of the smear test.

A minute after lying down on the table, the appointment that was delayed by her for so long was finally over. Yes, one minute was all it took!

We won’t say it is all cool but there isn’t anything that needed to be feared. You might get a little tingling but the procedure is absolutely painless. So, let all the worries regarding this vanish from your mind and for once, keep your health above anything else!

Such realizations only come when you hear how rough it has been for people who were a part of this dark world at some point in their lives.

A 27-year-old Calley Bingham is one such person who knows the pain one has to endure during the cancer phase. She found out that she was having cervical cancer at the age of 25 and she was shaking after hearing the news of her diagnosis.

The detection happened after she gave birth to her third child as during her pregnancy, she was experiencing some very unusual symptoms. The smear test didn’t happen then and the symptoms kept getting worse. It was only after giving birth that her doctor noticed something strange.

Calley had a very tough time after her diagnosis as she underwent quite a few surgeries including the removal of the top part of her lady bits, her womb and the pain just continued. The struggle was real. The chemotherapy and radiotherapy sessions seemed like they would never end but Calley loved through all these hardships and is now cancer-free after two and a half years. She motivates all the women to get a cervical screening appointment and show up without any hesitation.

We hope her struggles give you the strength to get up and get a smear test done. You are in control of your life and one moment of courage will make sure you have a smooth ride ahead!