This Bride Gets Furious At Her MIL Who Refused To Contribute To The Wedding Expenses “Claiming” She Cannot Afford That Amount

A wedding in the family? It is definitely exciting but let us focus on the planning and the money involved here as that’s what makes the couple anxious. Some arguments do happen and in this case, a bride got furious as her mother-in-law refused to help with the wedding expenses stating that she has no money. An extremely unpleasant discussion sparked!


When two people decide to tie the knot, they are usually sure about all the things that lie ahead on this journey beginning with the wedding planning and the budget for it. They decide on things they can afford which is the logical way of moving forward with the preparations.

Many people do follow this sensible path but still, some fail to step on it. This woman chose a different road for her wedding and it is for you to decide if it was a responsible move or not!

The bride’s view was shared on Reddit in which she described all the details about the situation she was in as the big day approached.

The post explained how she is receiving great support from her parents and fiancé but she is not happy with how her mother-in-law is behaving. The bride was disappointed when his fiancé’s mother denied their request of contributing to the wedding financially. The mother-in-law told them that she was not in a good place with the money and so, cannot bear the expenses they were asking her to.

The bride was not ready to give up here. She was frustrated and knew that her MIL was lying. She discovered a few things which were left her even more shocked.

Firstly, she came across the fact that her mother-in-law had rented a property which brought money to her. This raised a few questions in the bride’s mind.

This was not her only source of income, the bride also learned about the social security that her MIL receives from her ex-husband who died a few years ago.

Apart from this, MIL uses her daughter’s paychecks to help her out. All this information was driving the bridezilla mad. She needed answers!

After serious discussions and contemplation, her mother-in-law chose to step in and make the contribution they were asking for, which after calculations came out to be $5000 (yes, this kind of math was involved in this wedding!). The bride and the groom, bride’s parents and the groom’s mother had to pay this amount. We know this whole situation is puzzling to you, we are in some thoughts too!

When everyone agreed to pay $5000, her MIL came up with $2000 according to the bride. The matter wasn’t resolved yet. Her mother-in-law was now asking her fiancé to give her $1000 from that contribution as she was finding it tough to manage all the bills and taxes.

The bridezilla was tired of hearing all these “excuses” and was looking for some suggestions. What do you expect the internet to do here? Of course, everyone who had read her story gave their opinions on this.

Some blamed the bride for being so rude and selfish. No one except the bride and the groom is responsible for their wedding expenditure. People wanted her to come to terms with that fact! One comment read, “This entitlement culture is something I can’t stand. Even if I had tons of money I wouldn’t give this chick a dime”.

There was also another side in this “discussion”. There were a few people who agreed with the bride and wanted the MIL to help the couple financially in this affair. The comments kept pouring in and we all know there is no end to the opinions!

Weddings cannot ever go smoothly, there will always be some disagreements involved. If you are willing to pick a side in this case, then go ahead and make your point too.