How tough it is to cook when you have a toddler to take care of?

Quite tough, right?

Well, Claudia Sorhaindo had to leave her place for a short span of time. In this situation, she asked her niece, J’ann to look after her little toddler, Ava.

It was going great until J’ann felt hungry and wanted to make a sandwich for herself. She didn’t want to leave the baby out of her sight. She took the baby with her to the kitchen and didn’t want to keep her on the shelf.

Moreover, she didn’t have any experience to cook food while carrying the baby. She thought it through and put the baby in her shorts to be hands-free.

Hence, the baby was in sight while she made a sandwich for herself. The younger sister of J’ann then clicked the picture and sent it to the mother of the child.

The mother was laughing all the way home and later posted the hilarious picture of Facebook.

Her caption read, “So I had to run out the house for a quick min, so I asked my niece to babysit Baby Ava.

A few minutes later I received a text saying that J’Ann wanted to make a sandwich but didn’t want to let baby Ava out of her sight.

Lord send help this was her solution like really, creativity at its finest.”

The parents on the platform praised the niece for the efforts. She was tagged as the “best baby sitter ever”.

The image has been shared over 312k times and has made J’ann famous.

The little girl has used her popularity to start her own range of “J’pants”. The family is hoping to raise $10,000 at GoFundMe page on Facebook.