Teen Was Unaware Of Her Pregnancy, Gives Birth After Slipping Into Coma Due To A Headache

Surprises are great but when the words unexpected and undesired are attached to them, they become more of a shock. Waking up to a new life is surprising but, having brought a new life into this world without realizing is something we cannot believe and one teenager went through this unimaginable.


A headache, that’s all it was! At least that’s what Ebony Steveson, 18, had thought it to be. However, after four days, she was a mom of a beautiful baby girl and the events that led to that moment are scary and beyond one’s belief.

The night of 2nd December was not an easy one for Ebony as she was uneasy and in a lot of pain. The pain was not in control and she had to be hospitalized. The doctors induced her into a coma to bring her body to rest. A few days later, on December 6, she came out of the induced coma and was now a mother.

We all know this creates curiosity and you all want to know the reason behind this happening. How can someone be pregnant and not know about it? It is strange but, there is a science behind it. The condition that Ebony was in is termed as uterus didelphys and happens when someone is born with two uteruses. Her periods were normal even when she was carrying a baby inside her all because of this rare condition.

Ebony’s mom, Sheree was present right beside her when she was going through these unexpected and unusual events. From being by her side at home when she had a seizure to be with her at the hospital where she delivered a baby girl, Sheree was witnessing each and every occurrence of Ebony’s life over the days. She was definitely stressed but she knew that her daughter needed strength and that’s what she chose to become for her. Your moms do what no one can do.

When the medics asked Sheree if Ebony could be pregnant, she was shocked but denied it immediately. So, when a bump was visible while she was admitted, probably because of the seizures which were intense leading to a certain movement of the baby, Sheree was in shock at first but calmed herself down and stood by her daughter’s side.

The arrival of the baby girl who was named Elodie was not normal at all. She was born on December 3 via cesarean section and weighed 7lbs 10oz.

Ebony opened her eyes on December 6 and taking all in was not an easy task for her. As soon as she woke up, the nurses told her everything and even gave her the baby girl to hold and cuddle but for once, she asked them to keep her away and that it was some mistake they were making. It’s nothing that we can’t understand!

A few moments later, Sheree comforted Ebony and told her all that had happened which made Ebony untangle the knots and finally come to terms with all that had happened. Ebony held her baby girl for the first time and it was such a surreal moment for her. She was a mom now and she felt like she was ready for this. How adorable is that!

Holding and caressing her little baby was soothing and peaceful, all that Ebony was craving at that time. She is enjoying every moment with Elodie now and is grateful for having her. She cherishes her presence around her and wouldn’t change a thing about all this!