Stepmother-In-Law Walks Down The Aisle In Off-White Gown, Leaves The Bride Disgusted

A video of a mother-in-law has gone viral on Reddit for razing the bride’s wedding day. The footage which features the former walking down the aisle in a cream dress, has invited a lot of people to express their opinions on the same. This didn’t just vex the bride and groom, but the people on Reddit too, who didn’t spare the woman of the criticism that they thought she deserved.


The wedding day is the most special day in the bride’s and groom’s life. Couples put in so much love, money and ideas to make their wedding day a memorable one, not just for themselves, but also for everyone who is attending their wedding. It might really fume you if a person tries to steal your thunder on your big day. Sadly, it did happen for a bride whose stepmother-in-law walked down the aisle in a cream dress.

The clip of the incident that has been shared on Reddit also features the bride’s soon-to-be husband walking down the aisle in a black suit along with a white rose in his buttonhole. A woman, who is believed to be the groom’s father’s girlfriend is seen rushing in the opposite direction, making her way to a seat as the groom is seen walking down the aisle. The bride says that this little stunt of their stepmother had ruined the wedding ceremony. She also added that the latter ignored them for the rest of the weekend after the wedding.


As the video was uploaded on the internet by the bride, she captioned it describing the incident. She wrote how her father-in-law’s girlfriend spoilt the wedding ceremony by walking down the aisle at the same moment when the groom was walking it down. She also put in the caption how their stepmother went on to ignore them for rest of the entire weekend. There were a dozen of Reddit users defending the bride and adding that the stepmother should’ve been more considerate.

A person wrote in the comments that they were laughing at the groom’s facial expressions. The groom was seen rolling his eyes in the video when his stepmother brushed past him. The person jokingly added that it was as if he wasn’t surprised at all. A second person wrote that she had given the couple the gift of free comedy. They also added that they didn’t know that clowns were still popular.

Some people directed their criticism towards the color of the stepmother’s dress, which they said was too similar to white. A person expressed their disgust of the woman’s inconsideration by writing “and of course she’s wearing off-white. Because of course.” Another person wrote that it wasn’t just that the dress was off-white enough to be a matter of cringe at a wedding, but that its original color was awful. One person came to the defense of the stepmother-in-law and said that she was wearing a beige colored dress and that it was perfectly fine.