Sister-In-Law Exhorts To Name Her Baby After Dead Nephew’s Name

The happiness of nurturing a newborn is something that not all are fortunate to receive. Some infants die due to sudden infant death syndrome, leaving their parents with unrecoverable pain. Major care, support, empathy, and understanding are required to help the grieved parents feel normal. In the US, 3500 parents face this horrific situation each year.


Unfortunately, for a mother who deserved all the care and support after her baby died, she was mistreated by her sister-in-law. This saddening story was shared by an original poster on social platforms. The mother who lost her baby eight months ago because of SID. Since the horrific event; she had isolated herself from her family.

Recently, when her family visited her, she revealed that her brother and his wife were going to have a child. They came to see her after their doctor’s session. Initially, she was happy to hear the good news until the time her brother told her that they are planning to name their baby after her dead son’s name. She was told that this was done as a tribute to the lost kid, but she was distressed to hear this and wanted to know if they were contemplating other names.

It was disturbing for her to see such a gesture from her sister-in-law as they always shared a strange relation. OP shared about the hate the sister-in-law carried for her. She loathes her for everything and has no respect for her husband. Ironically, the woman who cried out of hate when her child was born, now wanted to name her child ‘Tom’ the dead kid’s name. Astonishingly the couple received the consent of their mother too.

The sister-in-law always mistreats them but tries to act nice in front of the family. Later, in one of the family meetings, the sister-in-law deliberately called her baby as Tom in front of the couple who was still dealing with the harsh facts. This insensitive behavior caused a lot of discomfort to her husband whose face became red after listening to his dead son’s name again in the family. Even after such a scene, the sister-in-law had no idea about the agony she was causing and she repeated doing the same even after.

The sister-in-law felt that it was miserable to ask her to change the name and no one should have a say in naming her baby. All this mess resulted in a heated argument where her brother remained quiet and she received no support from her mother.

It was miserable for the parents who are already in pain to get into an unnecessary argument therefore her husband said, “We will never visit again after this because she was using our loss and grieve against us and is acting all innocent.”

A mixed reaction was received when the viewpoints of the public were taken into consideration about the issue. A person shared his own experience where they named the child the same as the child who passed 20 years ago in the family.

Someone added, “She’s not honoring your son by tormenting his grieving parents. I’m usually not a fan of ultimatums, but I think this call for one.”

A few commenters resonated with the pain the couple would have felt while hearing their dead son’s name, it would be like a knife inside the heart to be in such a situation. People felt sorry for their loss and prayed that the couple would heal soon from the trauma. Some people wished positivity and peace to the couple.