School Provides Opportunity To Teenage Girls To Learn Maintenance Of Car

There is rarely anything that girls in the 21st century are not doing. Girls can be seen outshining boys even in male-dominated professions. A school in Sydney Australia has taken the right step in the direction by providing an opportunity for teenage girls to learn how to maintain a car.


A school for girls in Sydney, Australia has offered an opportunity to Year 11 students to learn how to maintain a car properly as an essential skill.

Most of the girls don’t know much about changing tires and engine oil in cars which is one of the essential skills they should know. In the case of Australia, two cities are spread apart by thousands of miles and the weather is often scorching hot. In such conditions, a flat tire can pose serious challenges to you if you don’t know how to change it yourself.

But Year 11 girls at Stella Maris College would not get themselves in such a situation again as they have been taking lessons from ‘local car educators’ to learn how to look after their cars and not be dependent on someone else to do it.

The car educators, “Galmatic” claim that they specialize in helping Australian women and teenagers feel comfortable behind the wheel and under the bonnet. They provide car maintenance workshops and online courses.


Eleni Mitakos is an experienced individual with 13 years of experience in running and offers girls and women the chance to get learn how to perform basic car maintenance like changing a tire and engine oil.

As reported by a Newsagency, Galmatic teaches up to 100,000 teenagers a year in schools, across many parts of Sydney.

Sharing her opinions, she said that the primary aim is for teenagers to feel comfortable behind the wheel and never ignore a problem with their car. Furthermore, it would be great if they can address it themselves and even fix it if possible.

This becomes an essential skill as the percentage of female license holders in Australia has increased every year between the period of 2010-2015. As revealed in a survey, women held 48.7 percent of driver’s licenses in New South Wales alone.

Women are also dominant in vehicle buying decisions than ever before, impacting 80 percent of all vehicle purchases.

Getting a driver’s license is one of the biggest status symbols among high school students, and it makes the adolescent feel more independent. In such a case, it is paramount for them to learn how to maintain a car as well.

Except for maintenance and driving cars, there are other life skills that teen girls must learn for their convenience. This includes navigational skills, problem-solving skills, and other employability skills.