Relationship Expert Reveals Why You Should Not Date A Man In 20-30 Years Age Bracket

Dating a person much younger or elder comes with its own pros and cons. Jana Hocking, a 35-year-old woman from Australia reveals that after years of unsuccessful and plenty of practice, she has mastered the basics of dating. According to her, dating a man in the age bracket of 30-40 years should be off your limits, and here is the logic behind it.


She described the men between 30-40 years of age as “crickets” who are settling down or growing their families. So, the men in this age group are either already in a long-term relationship or are committed to their goals and are less likely to look for something other than a fleeting relationship.

Citing figures, she revealed that the average age for marriage in Australia is 32.4 years while in Britain it is 33.4 years for the first marriage. On the other hand, the average age for divorce in Australia is 45.9 years and in Britain is 46.9 years.

Jana recommends dating guys who are either younger than 30 years and looking for romance or men above the age of 40 who are most likely looking for love after divorce. With her own experience, she highly recommends dating divorced men above the age of 40 years.

She recently dated a divorced man herself and came forward to share her experience. The man she dated wasn’t a seasoned pro on tinder, so he actually called her on the phone. He was also in a stage of reflection where he was feeling pretty bad about the many ways he had stuffed up in his marriage and was determined to not make those mistakes again. Hence making him a kind and thoughtful gentleman.

And because he last dated in the 90s his idea of a first date was different from the guys these days. For his first date, he picked Jana and drove her to a restaurant that he made a reservation at. Jana felt that this man was a unicorn before she realized, he was just dating as they did in good old days before technology kicked in and made this generation lazy.

Another reason why Jana was delighted to date this guy was his kids. She was never fond of having children of her own. With this relationship, she had the joy of having children around with the privilege of handing them back. She could not only enjoy, have fun and relish family dinners but also enjoy a quiet weekend with her partner with lots of wine when children were away with their mother.

A man in his 40s might come with some baggage of the past but that is absolutely fine because he is not scared to commit as well. Jana further says, “They are great at old school dating, you know, like picking up the phone for a chat, only dating one person at a time, and they tend to be terrible at playing games.”

In Jana’s opinion, another pro of dating an elder guy is that men tend to get better looking the older they get.