Private Investigator Hired To Spy On Babysitter But It Backfires

It is always better to keep an eye on a person if he/ she can be a threat to your safety. But does quenching your doubts to get cleared count as a contempt? Because it happened with one of the parents, and they were curious to know their babysitter’s background.


But carrying on with the procedure only increased their hassle in the end. The nanny (late 20s) looked after their three-year-old and one-year-old very well, and she did it for 10-20 hours a week. One day, the dad went up to the babysitter to give her payment; she asked him to put it in her purse while bathing the kids.

As she said, the dad put it in her purse, but couldn’t stop himself from getting a glimpse of her ID. To his surprise, it was the same fear for safety that he initially anticipated. The purse had her photo but with the name that was entirely different from the one she had provided them. Also, these parents had verified her background before hiring her. As their consternation grew, they decided to better clear their issues by hiring a private investigator.

Although the nanny gave them no issue till now, the name portrayed that she might have a fake name or fake ID. They didn’t want to fire her up but also had to check if she was hiding something. As parents who had given someone else the responsibility to look after their children, it’s an obvious way to go. After a discussion with his wife, the man hired a private investigator to know if she had been really hiding something.

The dad later informed: “The PI discovered she had the ID to circumvent a bureaucratic rule about student living arrangements for the graduate school at her university (something like she wanted to stay on the undergraduate campus when she became a graduate student so used an undergrad friend’s name on her ID to register for housing.) Not a big deal.”

Now, there seemed to be no issue, but their 3-year-old had heard them talking and later “tipped off” the nanny. As expected, she was not at all pleased with their investigation and told that it was none of their business to look into her background. Now, she feels her privacy has been violated when they could have just asked her about it. She is also looking forward to quitting her job.

And the father is still confounded if he’s in the wrong. He had posted the story on Reddit and been seeking opinions from the Redditors. He also added that it could lead to something serious because it is about their kids, and they need to ensure complete safety. But people got divided in their opinions, with some favoring the man’s decision while the others disagreed.

A person commented that she’d been watching their kids, so they had the right to look for her proper identity. The second person opposed, saying she has her privacy invaded. She had just asked to put the money in her purse and not look for the other things inside it.

Also, the third person explained that she might have some legitimate reasons for having two IDs with separate names, whereas someone favored that it’s good to check for the kids’ safety.