Perfect Housewife Starts Acting More Like A Man

The household chores aren’t something we all love to do, but women do have to squander a lot of time for the same. Despite being averse to it, there always needs to be someone who has to finish it up. And we should think why women are usually the ones doing them all.


Mandy Nolan, an Australian comedian, sheds light on the arduous task that a woman does. Being a mother of five children, she knows how enervating her duties can be. Besides, she posted it on Facebook, where she expresses her disgust to make everything perfect and how it has devastated her life. So, she has now decided to act more like a man, thereby abdicating her duties forever. The toilsome task of being a perfect housewife has never brought her the ecstasy. And from now on, she doesn’t want to devote another minute of her life to “doing something pointless and ultimately unrewarding.”

An Untidy Woman‘Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results’. That quote has often…

Posted by Mandy Nolan on Monday, June 22, 2020

Well, the truth she spoke refers to all those who are busy doing housework. From dusting, taking out the garbage to vacuum cleaning, someone needs to do it right from the dusk till dawn. In her words, she always dreamt of waking up and planning a day at the beach or bushwalk, but all she does is clean the cupboard, which eventually gets agitated after a while. She’s the woman who always wants stuff to be sorted, wiped, and properly cleaned.

Sometimes, Mandy ponders why she cares so much about cleaning. Rather, women do have the proclivity to achieve the pinnacle of wellbeing, as if domestic excellence is the only thing that defines their qualities. Like Mandy, several others work enough to be flamboyant when someone’s about to visit. As we think, people would discern the lack of care, only to have them think more about a messy woman. But is it really true?

Since the arrival of COVID, when no one visits the house, Mandy learned that keeping everything clean didn’t bring her the joy, and a mere thought of it now seems like a simpleton. A simple flaw in her “cleaning” task would never highlight her negligence. Well, she terms herself “feminist” but still holds the idea of “a perfect housewife.” Your guests aren’t going to be disappointed if you couldn’t clean your house thoroughly. In no way would it deign them to denigrate your qualities.

For sure, men don’t have the hassle of being perfect as women. Seriously, no guy visits his friend’s house and nags him for his untidy home. Mandy realizes how she spent such an enormous time focusing on the things that make no significant impression. In fact, she could have been busy doing things like painting, exercising, reading, dancing, shopping, writing, etc. She vows not to focus on housework and plans to never really think about it anymore.

She would be better off leaving her bed as it is if her husband fails to achieve the level of her excellence. Doing these tasks never really made her happy, because there’s nothing to learn from them. Her post was supported by several moms who mostly shared their relevant stories. They, too, were striving to break their habits as even a clean house doesn’t bring calm to their mind.