People Slam this Mom’s Plan To Convince Her Teenage Daughter To Clean Her Room

From being messy teenagers to clumsy but responsible (to some extent!) adults, we have experienced a lot. Teenage years mean disappointed parents continuously reminding their kids to clean up their rooms or concentrate on achieving good grades. This mom was in the same predicament with her teenage daughter refusing to clean her room but she found a way to deal with the situation. Not everyone was impressed!


Bethan Entwistle had enough of her teenage daughter’s tantrums who always left her room untidy. Bethan had to clean the room every time and she wasn’t letting this become a routine. It was time she took strict action but with teenagers, one has to be savvy to solve any problem.

She shared her plan on TikTok with a video revealing every step that she executed to make her daughter perform some tasks around the house. The video shows the daughter’s rumpled bed with clothes thrown around the room. Random thing piling up at some messy corner and drawers never being shut after use!

“This is my teenage daughter’s disgusting, filthy bedroom that I keep telling her to tidy every single day. So I’ve told her after school, she’s to do it, and polish it, so we’ll see if she does,” Bethan said.


Next, she picked 2 cards and hid one under a potted plant, and concealed the other with a candle. “So I’m going to put my debit card under this one, and if she finds it, she can have whatever she wants. And if she finds the credit card under here, she can get double whatever she gets on the debit card,” Bethan revealed.

This video clip garnered over 2.2 million views and more than 223,700 likes. However, this mom turned off the comments. When someone reposted the sound of this clip in another video, people flooded it with comments.

Some viewers were not pleased with this whole idea and expressed that the mom had simplified the lesson for her stubborn teenage daughter. “This has made her look spoilt,” one commented.

“It would take eight minutes to tidy that room,” someone wrote. “She’s placed both the cards under items she will not move because they’re in their place. Doesn’t prove she didn’t clean,” another commented.

While there was someone who seemed impressed by the hack and told everyone to let her manage it in her own way. She wrote, “People on this app are obsessed with telling others how to parent. If this works for her, what’s the problem?”

Moms have to keep pulling out hacks and tricks from their bags at every step of parenting. What may work for one might be futile for another! So, it’s never the same recipe when it comes to raising the kids.