Pandora Employee Exposed Guy Who Bought Matching Rings For GF And Mistress

We girls need to stick together is a strong expression. And recently the former Pandora employee has given the true meaning of this line. She shared a picture of two rings and also shared that a guy purchased these two rings – one for his girl and one for his sidepiece.


Honesty is the foundation of every relationship whether friendship or romantic. Cheating in a relationship is the worst thing that one can do to destroy a relationship. And if one knows that someone is cheating on a person and one can tell the person then one should tell them. It is a noble thing to do.

One should be confirmed about such a thing before breaking such heartbreaking news to a person. It is better than a person should know the truth about their partner as earlier as possible. Because the relationship that is built on lies never lasts long.

One woman recently went viral after she exposed a client from Pandora. After quitting her job, she revealed that a guy purchased two rings from the store, one for his girl and the other for his mistress. She stood up for a stranger and asked her to beware of her cheating and lying partner.

The woman claimed that she used to work for Pandora in Montreal, and before quitting her job she served a male customer who bought two rings from the Pandora store. And the customer openly admitted that he was buying a ring for his girlfriend and his mistress. She shared the video of the whole thing.

One could hear her saying “If your boyfriend’s name is Jake and he lives in MTL, he just bought two rings for his ‘girl and his sidepiece’. Here are the two rings. You deserve better.” And she captioned her post with “Gotta support my girls.” With more than two million views and thousands of comments, the video has gone viral.

Many people applauded the woman for being noble and standing up for a stranger. And what she did is truly appreciable and requires gut. She might get into trouble for this, but still, she did the right thing. That is what makes people noble and great.

Many commented on her post and were concerned for her. One person commented: “I hope you don’t get in trouble for this because he needs to be Exposed.” Another person believed that what she did was the work of God. Another person shared a similar experience with her as well.

She wrote: “I work in a bank and someone came in with his wife and I was looking at his statement and Bumble and Tinder Plus was on there. I wanted to tell her.” But the person for whom the message was eventually reached her. Because someone replied on the post and wrote: “Thank you so much, I’ll let her know. That’s my best friend’s boyfriend and she got the ring. You deserve the world for this, thank you.”

She claimed that she knew the girl and that her friend recently received the ring. She thanked her for sharing the post and even sent her positive vibes through her reply. We need more people standing up for what is right.