Newborn Fell During Diaper Change And Dad Is Angry At Mom For Going To Hospital

The statement that a mother does everything to protect her baby was proved right by a mother whose baby slipped off the sofa while a diaper change and was immediately taken to the hospital by her worried mother. Ironically instead of being grateful, the baby’s father was frustrated by her move and thought that she was exaggerating the situation.


As explained by the mother on Reddit, she said that diaper change was a little calculative process and her slight mistake was that she forgot that the baby had started kicking and rolling. She further revealed that the baby slipped off from the couch onto the hardwood floor that was two feet apart from each other. Though the baby wasn’t injured and surprisingly didn’t cry, still as a precautionary measure she took the baby to the Accident and Emergency Room as she was advised to do so by her pediatrician.

Before rushing for the hospital, the mother called her husband to ask if she was doing the right thing, to which he agreed. Later they were told by the doctor that the baby was fit and not harmed but as it involved an infant, a report was supposed to be filed. Due to the report, their home was visited by a social worker who assured them that everything was fine and the fall was just an accident. The mother said that they frequently get such reports and fortunately the baby is mostly not injured.

The major problem was that when she informed her husband regarding the house-check, he lost his mind and was shook up. He was terrified by the thought that the family would now have to face routine visits by the authorities and they would always be checked upon. He further started being more negative as he frequently taunted her about holding the baby properly and not dropping her again. His behavior towards her made her feel that she was not a good mother.

A lot of people reacted to the post that was shared by the mother on Reddit. A person commented that it was merely an accident and fortunately that baby was unharmed his husband should be grateful for that instead of freaking out and getting worried about future house visitations. Another person supported her as she regarded her as a good mother and highlighted the fact that taking the baby to the hospital was a good the to do as the injury could have been internal.

The commenter further added that her husband was being a hypocrite as he initially agreed to take the baby to the hospital and later when he found about the report, he got mad and acted completely irresponsible. A third person said, “Is he more concerned about welfare checks that should ideally ensure the safety of all kids than the health of his child? Can’t relate. You did the right thing! keep being a good mom.”

Later the mother explained that the whole thing made his husband look bad and he acted that way because it mattered to him what people thought regarding him and that was the reason why he hated being visited and judged by the social worker.