Mother Rants About The Unwanted Gifts Her Mother-in-Law Gets Her Kids

It is not always easy to buy gifts for children. A parenting blogger used the online platform to rant about the presents bought by her mother-in-law for her kids. The story went viral and many could relate to it. The blogger complained that the grandparents never get what is asked for.


Mel Watts, a parenting blogger also known as The Modern Mumma has used Facebook to rant about the annoying gifts her mother-in-law got for her son. Well, there is something about in-laws that irritates you. They might drop by unannounced or try to control the way you parent your kids. But in Mel’s case, it is the unwanted gifts that they get for her kids.

Mel shared that she even told her mother-in-law what she should bring for her grandson on his birthday. Despite that, she bought an annoying gift. Mel told her mother-in-law that she should get a book for her grandson, but her child ended up with something else altogether. The boy got an oversized cheap tent instead of the reading material she asked for. Mel is not impressed with her mother-in-law instead is annoyed with the stunt she pulled.

In her post on Facebook, she wrote: “Yep. Here is what no one requested for their birthday. I mean it’s similar to a book right?! Every time I suggest something she [mother-in-law] triples it in size and noise level. I know why her son was an absolute w**k job as a kid – She’s paying him back which in turn makes me pay. So here is the oversized super-cheap tent she had to order for him that no one asked for.”

Yep.Here is what no one requested for their birthday. I mean it’s similar to a book right?! 💁🏼‍♀️ ;this is my mother in…

Posted by Mel Watts – The Modern Mumma on Wednesday, July 8, 2020

She continued: “However Sonny thinks it’s the bee’s knees! I can’t wait for Nanny day – all kids get a shot of red bull and a face full of face paint. How’s your white leather lounge now Karen (Trish).” The post surely has got attention because it has been liked more than a hundred times. And many felt her pain and shared their share of pain.

One person wrote: “We got a Thomas the Tank Engine lawn chair set from my mother-in-law for my son’s birthday one year, it was hideous and not at all useful. We kindly gave it back to her and asked if my son could use it at her house instead!” Another commented: “Omg! I hear ya! My MIL got my daughter a frickin’ karaoke machine…Seriously! Why! Just why!” another shared her pain and wrote: “Oh I feel your pain. I hate playdough. Everyone knows I bloody hate playdough… The kids got playdough for Christmas last year.”

But it seems like moms were not the only ones reading her post. A mother-in-law commented: “Wow, as a mother-in-law I didn’t know you guys had so much anger, were so demanding and so judgemental. I didn’t have a MIL myself and would have been happy just to have her loving my kids. Learned something new today.” Looks like she was not happy how the daughters-in-law were reacting to the whole thing. Mel just wrote “It’s a joke love” and moved on. Well, until the grandchildren are happy all is fine.