Mother Gets Annoyed At Fellow Parents’ Comments About Her In The School Playground

As a mother drove for 30 minutes directly after her 12-hour shift, to drop off her son at the primary school, she was left startled by the comments of the other parents on the playground.


Dropping off the kids at school is a task that most parents don’t enjoy, especially if they’ve had a long day at work. Recently, a mother who worked a long shift before dropping off her kid became the limelight. As she has her plate full because of the 12-hour night shift at the factory, the mother doesn’t get enough time to change her clothes before dropping her son off. She wears the same outfits that she wears to her shifts at the factory, where her work is to clean the machines.

This woman was enraged upon overhearing the comment of one of the fellow parents. The latter, who stood in the primary school’s playground was complaining about the former, saying that she “stinks.” The mother took it to Mumsnet, where she explained that she wears the same clothes while dropping off her son at the school since her 12-hour shift is an 8 to 8 and her son’s school starts at 8:45. She added that she wears the same clothes to work since she works in a factory and doesn’t want to ruin her good clothes.

One day, when this mother and the other parents were waiting for the teacher to open the door, she heard one of them complain to the other about her stinking. This annoyed her, but she decided not to say anything. What exasperated her was the fact that the women who were gossiping about her didn’t work themselves. They just dropped their kids off at school, so they wouldn’t have a clue what working a 12-hour shift was like. On the other hand, the working mom claims that she and her husband work very hard so that they can afford the luxuries that they have.

She is worried about others teasing her son at the school since the fellow parents have been going around saying that she stinks. She’s very annoyed since people aren’t understanding that there isn’t enough time for her to change after work. Her job requires her to clean the machines in a meat factory and it takes a lot more than a few wet wipes to get cleaned. She just hopes that her son doesn’t get picked on at school because of her work.

The woman wears overalls at work and the smell lingers on in her clothes for a long time. She added that she doesn’t have any blood or anything on her clothes since it’s cooked meat that she cleans.

Some mothers on Mumsnet came in support of her. One of them wrote that that was awful. She sarcastically added that those parents are great role models for their children. She said that she would’ve been really angry and hurt had this happened to her. Another woman asked this mother to ignore those people and added that if their kids turn out to be like them and tease her son, she should take the matter directly to the school.

On the contrary, some other women weren’t really supportive of her as one wrote that it definitely was something cruel to mention but that 12-hours of cleaning meat equipment would certainly leave a smell. A person told this mum that she would only be able to change how the parents saw and smelled her by either changing her clothes before dropping her son off, or by confronting those parents and explaining them her situation.