Mother Gave Birth To “6Kg Toddler” And People Joke He Has A Credit Score

This is about a mother who shared her story of delivering a baby online. That was her second son. She gave birth to a toddler that weighed approximately six and a half kilograms. Her son not only weighed more than usual the newborns, he was even taller than them. The mother’s story went viral as she shared it on the Internet.


Giving birth to a child is the most fascinating and beautiful events of a mother’s life. They have the ability to carry life inside their body and bring them out into the world. That is a profound way to express their love and dedication to another person. Whatever the outcome was, whether they gave birth to singletons, twins, naturally or Cesarean, mothers all around the world never forget the moments they had during childbirth. They believe every way is beautiful and should always be celebrated.

One mother’s story has stunned the people on the internet as she shared the details of giving birth to a toddler that weighed more than six kilograms! A user on a social networking website asked fellow mothers to share their stories of giving birth to big babies. A mother clearly stole the show as she posted her experience. She revealed that it was her second son that weighed roughly around six and a half kilograms. She posted a video where the doctors were holding her son. People were overwhelmed after watching it.

The mother said that her baby was delivered after a period of 38 weeks and one day. That was her second son who was delivered through a C-section, also known as Cesarean section. She gave birth with the help of two doctors. It wasn’t a normal delivery as the baby came in at a whopping 14 pounds, point six ounces. That was approximately six and a half kilograms. Not only the baby weighed more than normal newborns, he even came out to be taller than other. He was measured close to 60 centimeters long.


Generally, the average baby boy weighs around 3.5kg at birth and if they weigh 4.5kg or more, they are considered to be on the larger side. Basically, that boy was almost double a typical weight. The mother added saying that her son then spent 11 days in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). As the boy was clearly the biggest baby there, doctors didn’t have any nappies or clothes that could fit him. They arranged for diapers and clothes from the pediatrics.

The baby wore size three diapers and was brought home in the clothes that were then worn by the babies that were six to nine months old. As the mother posted her experience online, people were stunned. The video which she shared gained millions of views. It had been viewed more than 28.8 million times and attained more than 7.1 million likes and 103,000 comments. People were shocked and even jokingly said that that’s not a toddler, that’s a fully-fledged child!

One person commented that the baby has already got a credit score! Another commented that the doctors were holding the baby like a prize-winning trophy! As a follow-up, the mother shared that he had become a healthy, stubborn, and a strong five-year-old who loved baseball, football and Monster Trucks!