Mom Who Shared Picture Of Daughter’s Bedroom Is Accused Of Neglect

Everyone in the world seem really concerned as to what the other person has posted on their social media. They leave no opportunity to make an issue out of the same, which apparently could be a photo of their lunch, inside of their house or absolutely anything.


Apparently, one mom got into an online trouble after she shared a picture of her one-year-old daughter’s bedroom on social media. The Australian parent had shared a photo of the pink room on Facebook with a cupcake inspired feature wall but instead of commenting on the decoration, people were more concerned about blaming the woman named, April of “neglect” just because her child’s mattress was on floor and not on the bed frame.

Mother explained that she had set up the bedroom in “Montessori style”, with the bed on the floor so that her daughter could move or crawl using her imagination and creativity. She added that, the child doesn’t really sleep on the mattress, instead co sleeps with her and usesthe room for naps or plays only. But not all were convinced with whatever was said.

Some accused April of “neglect” while some believed that she was risking her daughter’s health by placing the mattress on the floor, where it wouldn’t get enough ventilation. Another person added that it required to be on a base, as it was a disgusting ground for moulds and bacteria.

The mother was shocked at the amount of negativity that her post had received. She later updated just to let people know that the bed was placed on slats and that the little girl used the bed as a play area to build cubby houses.

She commented that they were minimalistic people and used those mattresses throughout the day for alternative things. Floor beds are extremely common around the world and just because they aren’t a norm in the western world, doesn’t mean it was all wrong.

She continued and said that if anyone would like to inform the department of child services on her for having an absolutely safe bed for her child then they are free to do so. She’ll give her details because she’s confident that it wasn’t a case of child neglect. She informed them all to stop being mean because it didn’t really affect her and that they were making themselves look like fools. A considerable number of people were quick in sharing messages of support for the mum.

One message said that it was a gorgeous room. They often wanted to put their own mattress on the floor with their first child and had the similar Montessori bed. Another message read that as a Mumma, she doesn’t need to explain the type of bed her daughter has been sleeping on, it was none of anyone’s business. Most important thing is that, the mother and her daughter liked it.