Mom Shares A Brilliant Trick To Keep Routine-Obsessed Kids Busy And Entertained

While the lockdown days had been tough for everyone, parents have another story to tell when they had to stay inside with their kids and entertain them constantly. Oh, it wasn’t just tough! It was exhausting for them. So, they had to switch on their creative mode and plan something fun for their children to keep them busy. This mom had a brilliant plan for her 4-year-old girl that involved redesigning the clock!


Kids often start sticking to a routine when they are growing up. Sometimes, a strict routine proves to be tiring for their parents. Even a slight change in the flow of the day troubles the kids and that in turn becomes fatiguing for the mom and dad.

This one mom knew that her four-year-old daughter loves her routine. So, she decided to make some alterations in a creative way to keep her little one engaged and cheerful throughout the day.

She picked a wall clock, rearranged, and added some certain elements to make things fun and intriguing. This mom made sections on the clock that included playroom, craft time, outside, TV time, and learning.

She removed all the hands except the hour hand. The day began at 7 a.m. and ended at 7 p.m. for the little one who had her fun routine displayed on the clock. Her mom had colorfully drawn every section on the clock to make it easier for the four-year-old to know what’s next on her schedule.


The mom posted the picture with an explanation of her plan in the Facebook group called “Kmart Home Decor & Hacks Australia”.

She wrote, “Made this a long time ago with the kmart clock to help give some rough structure to miss 4’s days. We don’t follow it strictly but she loves routine and often checks it then gets inspired!”

“I just removed all but the hour hand and stuck a sticker on the end of it so it’s easier for her to track. Thought I’d share incase it inspired anyone.”

Many other parents who saw this post were impressed by this trick. They decided to implement it at their homes too. They were thanking this mum who shared it on Facebook as it came to their rescue just at the right time.

One mom commented, “Love this idea!”

“This is a pretty cool idea,” a parent raved.

A second one wrote, “It def inspired me, I love it !”

Another person gushed, “My daughter thrives off of routine and always asks me what time we’re doing certain things so thank you this is a massive help!”

Turns out, there are ways to keep your toddlers engaged and happy while you can take a nap at the same time. Just be a little creative and sleepless nights might fade away.