Mom Shared Her Lunch Packing Trick But Got Shamed Online

An online debate was started between parents when a mum-of-three posted her super organized arrangement of preparing lunch boxes for her children. Seeing the method opted by her to prepare for a week’s lunch schedule, some parents were motivated to do the same while the critics made some offending statements.


A mum-of-three shared a picture of her preparation schedule on her Facebook account. The picture presented 11 zip lock plastic bags, each containing one lunch. It comprised of items including apples, oranges, kiwi, stringy cheese, cookies and cartons of fruit juice. Moving further, she explained how she used to wake up at 3 am on Sundays to arrange the food items in an orderly manner. The motive of adopting such an approach was to save time and avoid any kind of confusion during week days.


When she shared the picture containing organized bags of lunch, it led to a division of opinion among fellow parents. Some fellow mums were really impressed by her early morning preparation while other criticized the choices. One of the users stated that kids do not need any kind of sugary drinks during the day. While another spectator interrogated her for using excessive amount of plastic. She was suggested to use more environment friendly alternatives by the same.

Another person apologized in advance for being so negative and suggested her to use something else for packaging instead of the harmful plastic. Despite of all the criticism, she fairly defended her move. She stated that she had those plastic bags only for the storage of their lunch before it was transferred by her children into the lunchbox each day. Not only this, she added that those bags were used by her over and over again to promote the healthy practice of reusing plastics.

In response to her critics, the mum made a very excruciating statement. She said, “If I wanted people’s negativity, I would ask my ex for his opinions”. Many others joined with her in her defense and praised her organization. One of the commenters related the change of mindset with a person’s organization. The person said that it completely changes your mind when you start off being organized for the week ahead.

Moving on, one of the users appreciated her move to use the bags again and again and also her level of organization that could make the whole week easier. Another person admitted about doing the same practice at 8 PM instead of 3 AM. A fourth user encouraged her to continue with the same as the user himself used to reuse sandwich bags for leftovers, school snacks, fruit and veg prep. Thus, it was indeed a perfect way to keep stuff together and fresh.