Mom Shamed By Stranger Outside Supermarket For “Unthinkable” Trolley Mistake

Sophie Skipper, a parenting blogger, shared her experience of being mom shamed by a random onlooker. Though she welcomed the random woman’s concerned nature, she was really upset on her way of conveying the information.


Parenting and babies are the two subjects that could gather even unsolicited opinions. Not only this, the strangers also pass comments related to your styles of parenting. They never hesitate to point out any wrong thing while you are handling your children anywhere on the street. A mum of one experienced this really awkward situation of being mum shamed in public for the very first time. She was so upset with the comments passed on her that it left her completely furious.

The Australian mum, Sophie Skipper was arranging for her departure from a shopping store where she went to buy groceries. She placed her groceries in the car and strapped her son into his car seat making it sure that he was secure in car. She also made arrangements for keeping him entertained until she returned from the trolley park after parking the trolley. Suddenly, a woman named Susan came to her and told her about being wrong for leaving her child in the car all alone.

Susan conveyed the message in a very direct and degrading way such that Sophie called her “a woman who knows everything about motherhood”. Being a parenting blogger, Sophie was left stunned and feeling furious over the stranger berating her parenting in a supermarket car park. She instantly posted this on her Instagram handle. She narrated her experience in her post and wrote that the woman was totally unaware of her toddler’s good old cry and scream over which trolley we took.

Moving further, she added that she had no idea about her notorious child who was trying to steal grapes out of the bag that she didn’t even buy. In addition, he even chucked a wobbly because she did not have any coins to toss down the money spinner in the entrance way. She explained that how she strapped her child safely in the car, leaving him happily watch Bluey, window half down and keys in her pocket nowhere near ignition. She pointed out the fact that Susan only saw her leaving her child alone but did not have any details about the event.

Nonetheless, she scoffed at her “negligence” and commented, “How unthinkable it was to leave a child unattended and that it was ‘so typical of new young mums’ to do whatever makes them comfortable ignoring the best for the child”. Despite of these cringing comments, she responded her in a very polite manner, pointing out it was a quick dash and not a hike she went on. Finally, she stopped with the unnecessary.

Sophie pointed out the fact that she accepted her concern for her child but her way of addressing in a horrendous way was completely unacceptable. She mocked at the fact that despite of being trying her best, the onlookers were not convinced. However, she commented that a mom is held responsible for raising her child not the onlookers and one must fight back in situations like this like a warrior.