Mother’s Day is celebrated by people to show appreciation for their mother and be grateful for all that their mothers have done for them over the years.

Becca who was delighted to receive the beautiful little handmade card from her son on the occasion of Mother’s Day was soon regretting her expectations as soon after reading the insides she realized that the gesture wasn’t as sweet as it seemed.


As described by Becca, the card was beautifully crafted with glittery red stars on the outside and having a heart design inside. She shared that the card had “Happy Mother’s Day from Alfie” written on the right side and sadly, when she saw the bottom left this message caught her attention that said, “I was forced to do this.” She felt that how kids could be so pleasing yet so savage.

Becca shared the video of this card on the social media platform TikTok, where she was again shocked to receive such a massive response. She was taken aback when she realized that the video received more than 748,000 views and fetched somewhat 88,000 likes.


People also started bombarding the post with versatile comments. Someone had a viewpoint suggesting Becca reserve the card and bring it in front of her kid when he turns older. Another person expressed that this is why handmade cards are so special and extraordinary.

Yet another commented, “It’s a boy thing. I had a drawing of poo with flies around it on my envelope and didn’t even write mum.” People also said that her kid has a ‘main character in the class’ type of personality.

The comment box kept on filling as people started sharing their stories, where one person shared that his card read “Happy Mother’s Day. Thank you daddy for everything.” Someone commented that a resentful card is the best thing.

A commenter shared a story where she told that once she got a birthday card from her better half that read ‘all the best’ but missed out on lots of love and best wishes.

Becca expressed that she has mixed feelings towards this gesture of her kid but she will remember it forever as it was special to her enough though a bit altered by his son.