Mom Of 11 ‘Color Codes’ Her Kids Belongings To Avoid Confusion

Parents often get confused between their kids’ belongings. And keeping a track of these things might be a big and a tedious task. But a mother of 11 children found an amazing way of avoiding this muddle. She started to color coding their stuff. She even posted a video on social media that went viral and people tagged her as a genius.


A woman named Veronica, mother of 11 decided to color code her kids’ stuff. This helped her daily chores to be easily done. Her kids fall under the age group of 1 – 21 years. She shared a video on social media platform TikTok that was liked by several people. In the clip, her kids were seen running wearing clothes of the respective colors they were given. For example, Donovan had been assigned purple, Adam had been given green while Delilah was given orange.

Veronica elaborated on why she involved the practice of color coding in her life. She said that this habit made things simpler and helped in doing certain tasks with way more ease. She added that most of her children’s stuff like shoes, clothes, toys, blankets and every other possible thing was in the specific color assigned to them.


Veronica further said that she started color coding when she only had one kid. She did not do it deliberately back then, but she really seemed to enjoy this. So, she decided to continue this with all of her other kids also. The color was not necessarily their favorite but by coincident, it was.

After being shared on TikTok, the video had been viewed for more than 40,000 times. People flooded the comment section with various remarks. Many people praised Veronica for her brilliant idea. They tagged her as a genius. A user wrote that she used to do the same thing with her 6 kids. It was helpful for her as well and she color coded the dishes too.

Another viewer commented that she had done the exact thing. She had 3 kids, her son was blue and two daughters were pink and purple. A third person said that his 12 siblings were also color coded and it was very useful. Someone wrote with excitement “I love this!” A fifth person labelled Veronica as a genius for sharing this idea with so many parents.