Mom Makes Daughter Pay Bills To Teach Her The Value Of Money

Money doesn’t grow on trees. This is somewhat the storyline of what most of the parents try to imbibe in their children. Well, a mother found a perfect solution to not just say that just for the sake of it but also practically make her 7-year-old daughter do that by making her pay the bills on her own.


Felicia, the mother had come up with a different way of making her daughter learn the value of money at such a young age. According to her, this was the best way that could have been opted and it was like hitting two birds with one stone. Her daughter could learn to value money as well as get herself comfortable in doing minor household chores. Although it cannot be denied for the fact that her daughter was too young to get into all this household stuff but unfortunately Felicia neglected it.

She shared a video of her money teaching lesson to her daughter on social media and people were going gaga all over it. But nevertheless, it had a mixed response. In the video, she explained how she used to allot the chores to her seven-year-old so that she could earn money to pay her bills. The video undoubtedly was able to extract 6.6 million views. Keeping the condition that if her daughter completed the chores every day, she would receive $7 at the end of the week, a price which was enough to pay her bills.

The little one had to pay $1 each for food, water, rent, electricity, and internet that would sum up to $5 that equated to the bill amount, and still, at the end of every week, she was left with $2, which she could either save or use. Felicia then used those $5 which approximately were $3.60 and deposited them into her daughter’s savings account so that when she turns 18-years-old, she can realize how much money she has saved all this while and can value it.

While in another video Felicia explains how she allotted different chores to her daughter throughout the week that can be easily done by a seven-year-old kid. Previously she had searched for ‘age-appropriate chores’ on the internet for her daughter and came across a whole big list of chores like vacuuming, clearing the bins, cleaning the toilets, preparing her bed, meal prepping, and much more. All of these were convenient to be done by a seven-year-old.

To make things interesting, Felicia used to change the chores during the week and even added a playful theme to them for her daughter so that she could learn even more. Talking about the video that she posted, a varied variety of comments were posted. Some people were really intrigued with the idea of making her child learn about finances and responsibilities at such a young age. Whereas some felt that the child was too young and was bequeathing real-world problems by carrying the burden herself.

But irrespective of the fact that it was wrong or right for her, in the end, it’s her decision to make, and being a mom, she can never go wrong with such decisions.