Mom Has Banned Grandma After She Said Baby Has A Terrorist Name

Making everyone agree with your baby’s name has always been hard. It shouldn’t even matter to anybody as long as parents love it. A woman, however had a tough time getting her partner’s mother aboard with the name they had decided for their unborn child. Let us take a closer look at the whole story.


According to the mother, grandma had disliked the name so much so that she had been telling her friends that her grandson’s name was ‘Kyle’ because his real name sounded like a ‘terrorist’ to her. The couple had their baby in May, during the last year of their college.

The mom went on explaining on social media that her child wasn’t a planned one but was quite loved. Now both, she and her boyfriend were done with school and had been living separately back at their parent’s place.

She’d mentioned that he’d worked during the week and used to come to stay with her every Friday to Sunday. Also, because of the ongoing pandemic her son couldn’t get a chance to meet her boyfriend’s family. Partly, that was because his mother wasn’t being super safe in regards to the thing that shall not be named.

On Thanksgiving, her boyfriend had halted at her mom’s place before he’d driven to be with his girlfriend and child. Perhaps that was exactly when she’d got to know about his mother’s tantrums on name, which had been spreading all over like wildfire.

Apparently, Grand mom’s thanksgiving guests had asked how, ‘Kyle’ had been doing. Their baby had been named, Khalil though. She continued that her confidant was pretty perplexed and had found that his mom had been calling their son ‘Kyle’ to her friends and family.

When the boyfriend had confronted his mother about the switch of name, she’d told him that she didn’t want people to think that they’d given their son a name of Muslim terrorist.
That statement was quite hateful, racist and point blank wrong. She’d informed her boyfriend that she didn’t want his mother to meet their baby until she’d call him by the correct name.

The mom had anticipated that there was something deeper going on. She’d felt that she was doing that because she was upset that her grandson wasn’t all white and called him Kyle so that she could trick her friends.

Her boyfriend had told her that this whole mess was unimportant and that she needed to be stop making it a race issue because it wasn’t. She had written that they hadn’t spoken about it since that day and that she had been worrying about it all alone.

Most commenters had three prominent words for her boyfriend’s mother and those were: What, The, and Frick. They also had mentioned that they needed to keep their son away from the boyfriend’s mother because she was a terrible person. Her boyfriend also needed to grow up and actively support and defend his nuclear family and not enable his mother’s racism.

On the contrary, some also felt that the grandmother was right. They felt that she’d clearly been worried about the fact that giving her kid a Middle Eastern name would’ve left him open to all the kinds of dangerous repercussions. The commenter added that she’d been worried for his safety.

Later in the thread, the mom went on to clear certain points, like firstly she’d doubts if her baby’s grandmother was actually worried about the Muslim hating world. In the end she’d written that Khalil was his uncle’s name also and that they wanted to give their son best life possible.